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you ever thought of participating in Dancing with the stars?



Coco, I'm going to need to borrow your laptop.

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Oh look, it's my favorite Pokémon Movie.

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@Tyranexx So is it a bag that looks like Link or did that pokemon kill him? Because Ganon would become a pokemon master if that is all it took.

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I envy their complexion. Very difficult to get clean skin like them sigh.

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Insert obligatory "Sexy and I Know It" song reference here

@Ryu_Niiyama: Pikachu is soooo last year. Link is currently so popular that Mimikyu couldn't help but be jealous!

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"Enthusiastic Hi" (awkward stare)
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Dino rangers best rangers

"Enthusiastic Hi" (awkward stare)
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Cute! What's it chewing on?

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This Karate guy seems more powerful, than the last two.

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