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Mario where's the M on your hat?

Blame it on love

C'mown in. Let's get cleans, togethus


Something looks wrong.

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currently playing: nothing. i'm burnt out, i guess.

i like girls.

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What rosy cheeks you have.....Lucina. (please don't kill me)

Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

Nintendo Network ID: Mariobro4


All set for adventure

I will update this when Half Life 3 arrives. [Started 17/11/2015]

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He's gotta at least be an alt. costume for Ness...

There is nothing here...except for the stuff I just typed...

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Stop blushing you're making me blush.

Blame it on love

C'mown in. Let's get cleans, togethus


What are you?!

"They played us like a damn fiddle!" - MGS5
"Finish your mission, prove your loyalty." - MGS3
"We could take a s*** on you from such a height, you'd think God himself has crapped on you!" - GTA: SA
Currently Playing: The Phantom Pain.


Don't know why you're so cute when you blush.

Blame it on love

C'mown in. Let's get cleans, togethus


Digimon, digital monters!

I actually am a Shiba

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Obama!! Stop mess around and collect that Doge Power-Up already! I wanna see you transform into Doge-bama...

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