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Look at that cute little froggy... <3

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MrPokirby wrote:

PSI_King wrote:

MrPokirby wrote:

Ah, another PSI user. It's been quite some time since I've met someone with your unique type of abilities. Question, what is your signature PSI attack called?

PK/PSI Golden. It is a move only known by me, and all other PSI users knows it exists, but they know if they try to learn it, they will only fail to do so. The only people I teach the move to is people that I trust as heroes.

Cool do, bro. Are you a BD character or something?

Okay, now I just have two more questions.
1: Do you exist anywhere within a video game, anime, fan fiction or more than one?
2: Actually learning how to use PK/PSI Golden aside, in order to do it, do you have to do a specific pose/motion in order to activate the ability, like using your middle and pointer finger like a gun to use PK/PSI Fire or do you just have to put out your hand and shout the name of the move to use it, like PK Star Storm or magnet?

1: Maybe so, maybe not.
2: It's actually unique. You fall asleep for a few minutes, and when you wake up, you have to wait about a day for the move to pop into your mind. It takes forever to learn, but it's worth it.

He looks like me when I haven't had sleep in a while, lol.

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Are you pretending to summon a spirit bomb buddy?

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It's no wonder Scorpion basically became the mascot for MK, he looks awesome in every picture he's in!

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A cute name with a manly avatar, and quotes fitting both adjectives in the signature? What madness is this!?

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