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What happened to the fusion of all Nintendo characters?

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Darn, 12 years in and Dreamworks animation still uses the same Smug faces for their characters :/ Hope the movie is good though.

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I wish! I can't draw for mushrooms...
The picture was done by Nintendrawer on DeviantART which I cropped slightly into my Avatar. She's a great artist, and while I don't have a deviantart account, I check out her art all the time. I should probably give her credit.

Can't say much else except DAT FACE EXPRESSION!

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This is an avatar my avatar for Christmas. I know it's plain but it's the only Christmas Mario picture I could find...

Im a big fan of Mario games :)

Im also a nintendo nerd :P
Nintendo inpires me a lot o w o


I hate it when Resetti gives me this 5 minute speech... JUST because I didn't save...
I know he means well though x3

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Merry Christmas to you too Retro!

Oh, by the way, if you haven't noticed, Lex is wearing red. Now I want you to look real close, closer... CLOSER!!! Okay, now hopefully you saw the red before your eyes blacked out. Merry Christmas!

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Konata Izumi in a Christmas outfit

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Gotta catch 'em all, especially those ones that look like a crazy dragon-type thing!



Come in, Luigi. There's no reason to be afraid. Muahahaha!

I foresee what you'll do there.
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