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I just graduated high school a couple of weeks ago. I'm going to start college in the fall. Do anyone have tips for a upcoming college freshman?

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Don't slack off easy on the partying but also have fun. I'm currently attending college and I've had more fun here then I ever did in high school. It'll be great



I'm I the only one here who isn't planning on going to college? I mean, sure after going there you get more job opportunities, but I've heard more then a few stories of people going through college and not being able to find work and having the ginormous debt to boot. To prove my point my sister has been married for almost ten years, has two kids, and is STILL paying off college loans (though at least she and her husband have jobs, but I digress).

On top of that, I have no idea what I'd go to college for. Heck, at the moment I'm trying to figure out what I want to do for a regular job...


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@WingedFish I second that.

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Drink a lot.
Hook up a lot.
Do other things of questionable legality a lot.

College is easy unless you're dumb.

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You should go to college, even if you don't know what you want to do. Simply having a degree, even if it has nothing to do with the job you apply for, will open up so many doors for you. And if you are smart about it, you can graduate with minimal debt.



Unless you have the nicest parents in the world, I highly suggest you work hard towards getting any kind of scholarship. Also, attend all orientation activities (except the Dean's welcome), meet as many people as you can. Make friends before ~week 5 of semester, because by then everyone else will have formed friendship groups and it will be much harder to make friends. Plan out your assessments and don't put a whole lot of optional tasks for one week. Join some kind of club. Do your best in your assignments and tests, but tell all your friends that you did it the night before anyway. Also, drink and party if you're into that stuff. Alcohol will never be cheaper for the rest of your life after the college years.

oh, and @WingedFish don't think that just because you don't know what degree you want, you shouldn't go to college. Enrollments are flexible and you can pick whatever subject you want to learn and drop it if your attention span gets short! Just be careful where your money's going and when the refund dates are.

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@Wingedfish I agree. Not to mention I would probably die of stress at college. I have an extremely hard time dealing with stress (I almost failed my CIS class in high school because of this)..

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Thank you for all of the advice and imput.

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the_shpydar wrote:

Drink a lot.
Hook up a lot.
Do other things of questionable legality a lot.

College is easy unless you're dumb.

lol this.

unless you're doing biomedical sciences, aerospace engineering, etc. but for most people, college is pretty easy and should be one of the best times of your life. even those with rough course schedules still have a ton of fun.

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Would it hurt to ask what college you're planning to attend?



Well, if you struggled quite a few times through high school or got away with a low GPA, maybe carefully read over your college's academic policy. Also meet up with your advisers and have a plan in place. I took a class that wasn't even relevant to my degree and ended up wasting some of my valuable time and money.

Other than that, college should be fine n_n

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Your profs aren't going to care whether you study and succeed and your parents aren't going to be there coddling you either, so you have to be self-disciplined. Getting good grades can be highly worth it for the scholarships, so I recommend making your studies your top priority and limiting the partying to when you have free time. It's pretty easy to get good grades if you simply remember to study and complete your work, since so many people will just be wasting all their time partying.

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Oh, a question I could help with as I just graduated a few months ago! And most of my advice comes from experience (as in I only can see it in hindsight).

First of all, scholarships. Look for as many as you can; it may seem like a lot of work, especially when some may be small, but it all adds up. As soon as you finish school, you have to face up to some potentially hefty loans and if so you likely will wish you did more to get scholarships. There is so much unclaimed scholarship money every year that, as long as your grades are alright, you should only have to pay a fraction of tuition at most.

Second, professors. Talk to them. A lot. Every question you ask shows your interest in the class and, unfortunately, even the best professors play favorites. This doesn't mean you don't have to study or do homework, it means that there are plenty of times a grade is right below an A- (or and, if the professor recognizes you as studious (which they only know if you contact them outside of class time) they likely will bump the grade up. Even if that seems unethical, it exists in the real world as network. Never underestimate the power of building relationships.

For the love of god don't be the one who procrastinates until the last minute. If you have trouble with that, I recommend a time management or stress management class. You'll get credit for learning how to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. If they don't have any classes like that, there should at least be student resource centers to help you learn better study habits. Sure, studying isnt fun, but you paid a lot of money for the degree and it will bite you in the butt if you don't put forth the effort. If you fail classes and have to retake them or drop out, you still have to pay for them. And the projects many times are easy if you do them ahead. It isn't high school, you can't coast by. But neither is it that hard if you plan out your homework, reading, and projects.

Speaking of reading... Don't buy your books before the first day. Plenty of professors don't use the books or give you free digital access, and you could save hundreds of dollars. Still, if it's clear the teacher expects you to read, you really should open that book a bit. Often enough tests and quizes will cover material only from the book, not lectures. That doesn't mean skip lectures either, the professors have full power to fail you on the spot if they notice multiple unexcused absences.

Don't fret over uncertainties. A majority of students change majors at least once. Unless you really are set on a major, branch out and try a variety of classes. This is your future, don't be afraid to experiment to find exactly what you want to do. Often students find the field isn't what they expected. There are so many possible career paths, if one doesn't suit you don't give up on finding one that does, and don't settle. It's better to change majors and spend a little extra money than to graduate in something you won't enjoy doing for the rest of your life.

Last, HAVE FUN! Seriously, if you focus only on the work, you will very likely burnout. Find clubs, build new friendships, go to parties (just don't go overboard). The last thing you want is to hit graduation and realize you didn't enjoy the ride. I'm not saying the real world isn't fun, but the friends you make in college are more likely to carry into adulthood than high school friendships, and your habits for both work and play also will carry over. It can be overwhelming but you now have the power to lead your own life. Be responsible but enjoy it! I can't stress those points enough.

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