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I got mine too! but I'm going to try get get frames for them, especially the history one.

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Raylax wrote:

Nice posters

But... why do they need ESRB ratings in the corner?


LOL They probably had to put the ESRB ratings because Nintendo is technically "advertising" the game and the ESRB won't let people buy the game without first letting them know the "safety hazards" and what crowd the product is marketed to. Don't think about it too much or your head will explode.

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I was talking about the Phantom Hourglass poster. Oops, I'm easily distracted by pretty colors......

Well this topic finally got me to fill out all those surveys. I got 840 coins in one day. Now I'm torn between the posters and Game & Watch Collection. hmmmmm.......

[insert 25 Cents here to play]


Yeah I think I am going to get the posters, and frame the Link's History one, and put it right above my gaming setup. I am tempted to also get the Game and Watch Collection, but not sure if it's worth the 800 pts...maybe I will get it and just sell it on eBay.

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