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Oooooo artwork that'll pop up on Club NIntendo then be instantly around the net within minutes.

Though this statement made me laugh.
"Denise Kaigler: I'm glad that your readers are so enthusiastic about the potential for Nintendo DSi. That's one of the things that's so great about the system: It fires up the imaginations of developers and users alike to come up with creative new features and content."

Yeah, it's great to come up with ideas that are better then NIntendo's, but it's nothing when Nintendo does listen or do anything other then limit the system and said ideas. Just saying.



Wonder if they're only talking about online scans of images or actual wallpaper. If it's proper wallpaper for your bedroom, I wouldn't mind some of that Metroid Prime Trilogy artwork on my wall


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Hey Corbie, can I be a reviewer if I buy the Wallpapers and email them to you?

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Really, I would say the Big N has something major up their sleeve. Look at all of the pub over a VC on the DSi. Even the a-holes at IGN are hounding N. I hope it something more than DSiWare and exclusive titles that use the stupid camera! I will say the larger screens are really nice. When I use my wife's DSl it just is not the same. It just seems like a silly think to beef up the system that much and give it a price hike if they are not planning something that no one will see coming. I would guess Skype or something like it with Video, maybe proprietary. I have already used on my Wii and watched Scrubs, it is buggy but they are working on it. I would think it would be something big though, video chat, maybe more to along with the Facebook firmware, something big. I hope it is something with games though! Anyways, the meds are kicking in and I am dopey, stupid hay fever!

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I would love this 'artwork' to turn out to be exclusive lithographs. I could get into that.



Makes me wonder what the artwork is

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