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I bought two Nintendo points cards with the money from my platinum reward -- would much rather have a bunch of games to play than watch a Mario figurine gather dust on my shelf.

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Received my Nintendo calendar in the mail yesterday but wasn't expecting my reward so soon because everybody here was like "December, December, December" a while back and I really didn't pay attention to my email confirmation( whenever that came). It was with my GI mag as well so I was kinda like my birthday was a month early!

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For any potential complainers out there. I'll probably actually be the last to get my figurine. ...and I had to pay almost $9 to return ship and insure (Nintendo said I should insure it) my package due to my neighbor destroying my stuff before realizing it wasn't actually supposed to be sent to them. I highly doubt I'll be getting any of that money back either since someone has to shoulder it. yea, I had crummy neighbors, don't have my award, might not have it in time to give for Christmas and I'm out $9. deal ever.

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Racking up my coins. =]



Wait...what? LOL. well, not for you
Sorry about that... at least you're getting it.

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Shouldn't your neighbour have to pay for it? Isn't it an offense to open someone else's mail, never mind destroy it?

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Hows about them new towels. They have some cool designs, but it's a towel and towels get dirty. There is also a Dragon Quest screensaver.

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Sweet towels and DQIX Screensaver. Definitely getting those if i need to burn a few coins.

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I think this is the only item they have that I would actually use on a daily basis. I don't really understand how they figure out the pricing between NA and Japan though, because in NA it's 350 coins for one of these towels or a poster set, whereas in Japan it costs 300 for a poster set vs only 150 for one of these towels.

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I'm so mad they're out of the pins I wanted for my collection I hope they restock

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I already put in my order for the blue one! I'm not gonna be stuck waiting for them to replenish like with the messenger bags. Not that I don't appreciate all the items being added over the past couple months but I just don't have enough coins to get it all. Its painful having to sit there and see items that I simply can't afford. I got 2 pins, one of the fans, both Mario screensavers, and now a towel and I'm not even close to having it all

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Yeah, I just decided to order the blue towel too, although I wasn't planning to spend any coins till they were about to expire. The funny thing is, I actually need a new face cloth, although I don't know if I'll actually want to use this and wear it out.

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towels looks pretty cool actually. wash cloth size I suppose. I have never cashed in any of my coins though, I always want to see what new rewards will come. I suppose I'll be forced to choose something before the coins expire though... any chance Nintendo will get rid of the coin expiration date?

Figurine definitely rocks sitting next to the nintendo games though that was a win

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soccer686 wrote:

I'm so mad they're out of the pins I wanted for my collection I hope they restock

They did.


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So, how about those wrist straps, huh? XD



Wrist straps are... cool. I do like the new Kirby patches though. I might grab some of those. Also, they apparently just restocked the other stuff. Sorry to anyone who blew their coins rather than waiting for the restock

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And those Kirby patches...

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