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Kirby blanket (4500) and Super Mario Card Matching Game (3500) up on Club Nintendo!

I believe the only reward left to be put on Club Nintendo now is the Goodbye coin.

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When do you think they'll upload the Coin?

EDIT: Sorry, yeah... I read it as the end of this month for some reason.

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Has anyone in NA who ordered the Zelda puzzle or messenger bag received theirs yet? I haven't.

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TheXReturns wrote:

When do you think they'll upload the Coin? They only have a few days left...

Still a little over 33 days to go, so probably during the last two weeks.



Club Nintendo Coin gone!

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Welp got my coin and its quite nice, can't decide what to do with my remaining 5150 stars though maybe the end credits CD and something else???

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Miss_Dark wrote:

do we have any new information bout this loyalty program?

Not yet, no. Hopefully we will receive more information on it in the next Nintendo Direct.


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