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MultiMariosonic wrote:

It should have updated by now...

Still nothing U_U

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If Nintendo has an issue dealing with dates that fall on a Sunday then they should, oh I don't know, choose another day It's not like they always update on the 1st or 30th, they just randomly choose dates. Most of the time I forget until I see something posted on NL

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There they are!

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Yay! at least I finally can have free Kid Icarus! :3

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Crap. I have all of those except for that star game but no thanks. Well, another month...........

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Huachiman wrote:

Here's hoping for A Link to the Past or Ocarina!



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Oh man, I may have to get hit with a right and left of Punch Out this month with the upcoming Wii U VC NES game and Super available from CN.

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I'm getting Kid Icarus 3D. It's been on my wishlist for awhile. I'm looking forward to seeing it in this new format. I used to play this game back in the day. I used to get so mad at it for killing me. lol Looking forward to feeling that old rage again. heh heh

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Darn, I already have two of those 3DS games. Well, at least this month's offering is consistently solid.

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I would get Super Punch-Out, if it was on the 3DS.
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Looks like we have some repeats

Is Mario Tennis any good? I loved the Gamecube one.

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I agree with LJM about super punch out, but I guess I will continue to save my coins and hope none of them will expire.

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Emaan wrote:

Looks like we have some repeats

Is Mario Tennis any good? I loved the Gamecube one.

I never had it for my N64, but I used to play it with my friend and I seriously loved it.

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Wow another bad month. I already have Super Punch Out and Kid Icarus and Mario Tennis dont interest me enough to spend my coins. Also this is like the second time they offered these games. I wish they would stop recycling offers and give us a some other games that have never been offered as CN rewards.

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