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Lol. I kept debating and debating. I was so undecided it wasn't even funny. Then when I thought I'd go ahead and do it... Sold out. XD But the thing is, when it returns, I'm still unsure if I should get it. :S

This is annoying.



I think the bag is by far the best prize since the three Zelda posters were put into the Club Nintendo roster. Still, this has been the best year in my opinion for Club Nintendo users and I'm sure next year will be even better.

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Definitely best year.

My main issue with the bag is that it seems so overpriced.



Seeing as your not paying for it, it's good quality, and a bag like that costs $40 at those emo stores (which I think that is overpriced). Also since you can really get this bag anywhere else and if you buy a lot of games it's a freebie for some small surveys that further help Nintendo make better games, and seeing that 50 more coins gets you a Game Case and Stylus set that would cost you around 15 dollars if sold in stores and is actually more expensive in coins, yeah it's overpriced.

Then again people always want to do minimal effort on something and for some reason expect they deserve more then they actually did.

No offense KS8 or anyone else. Lol

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Lol, none taken.

Thanks for saying that though. You totally helped me out there. I'm going to get it when it comes back.

Hey, while you're at it: What are your thoughts on the pins?

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My Mario figurine hasn't come in yet, but it should be arriving pretty soon.

I'm still waiting for my Metroid 3-Poster Series...

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The offense part I meant about people expecting more for what they do.

Any hows... the pins are a good deal if you want to collect them (I wouldn't get all 4 unless your are obsessed to get them all or sell them on ebay). If you actually want to use it as a pin I don't think it's worth getting at 450. Me, I'm obsessed with Club Nintendo Mario prizes, to limit myself I want to get one of each item. I also see it as a 25th Anniversary Collectible (I know it's not but I can tell my kids, this is from the year when it was Mario's 25 Anniversary! Then they will ignore me and go do something else. Lol So I got one of the pins (A). Thanks to Mallubuff

Btw just adding, the Tote Bag isn't like the Wii Fit Tote Bag. The Wii Fit Tote was made of thin plastic ish feeling material. The Mushrooms one is cotton and I was surprised it was. I know it said on the website but the feel of it is actually something I'd expect to buy at a store. For 250 it was really good compared to the other 250 coin items.

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Yeah, I'm getting the Tote bag when it comes back as well.

I know they're collector's items and all, but I'm not eager on spending 450 on them. It's still a pin.



I WOULD have had my statue yesterday but I wasn't home to sign for it. SIGH. Picking it up bright and early at the post office!

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I'm still waiting for the good stuff... like a dinner date with Reggie or something.

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Kingbuilder wrote:

I'm still waiting for my Metroid 3-Poster Series...

I couldn't agree more...

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After not putting on anything interesting on Club Nintendo over here, I thought I would get the Game & Watch Collection. Now about a montth later, they have announced they are putting up some cool shirts for the 25th anniversary. Damn That was always gonna happen!

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hylianhalcyon wrote:

Just got my figurine today. The question mark block designed box it came in was alone worth it, but the figurine is pretty cool too.

There should be a warning on the box, about not trying to open it with your head.

I agree though, very classy. If I had a camera I would up a picture of it.

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Was I the only one who got Reggie Head-in-a-Box?

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Still waiting for mine to arrive but it comes in a question mark box? Cool! I'm going to feel bad for opening it then. lol



Still haven't gotten mine yet, but if you want to spoil the unwrapping moment, you can Google for an unboxing video.

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