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tristenj1992 wrote:

Wow, you put a lot of work into your answer! Thanks! (Sigh) Well, Kirby doesn't have a crown...maybe I can just put him on? I could find somewhere else to put poor Prince Fluff.

Hehe, no problem! Kirby could fit but the hinge might bend him and depending on how sticky the back of the patch is, it may not stick permanently if it reaches the curved edges of the 3DS lid. Maybe if you trimmed around the patch a little with scissors Kirby would just about fit. He might be able to just fit properlly though if you put him in a good place. Aww, poor Prince Fluff!

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wheres my kirby frisby or Gold Wii Wheel or TV wii remote

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I would love to get my hands on That Gold Coins!
sadly, it not for US

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Those sweet coins are already gone!? This sucks! Hopefully the US gets them in the future but somehow I doubt we will since our 25th anniversary thing was last year

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Got my blue pouch today. It's pretty cool, and bigger than I imagined. I put my DSi in it and it only took up about 3/4 of the room inside it. You can add some DS carts though to fill it up


I'm rather happy with the size of the pouch. Now I can fit my DSi tucked inside my old soft case! I didn't really feel comfortable with just the protection of either one but together my DSi is nice and snug and can't be hurt! Technically though, that isn't my DSi's home. I bought the pouch for my future 3DS. DSi is just renting the space for 39 more days until the new guy arrives!

EDIT: Also, very nice material! It feels very high quality and like it will last for a while.

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I got my DS pouch today (went with the red one, because a blue Mario just seemed wrong). It's big enough to fit my DS Lite and DSi, even with both of them stored in the sock sleeves I already had for them, which is nice. My Mario label is the jumping pose. On Club Nintendo they show Mario in a walking pose. Does anyone know what the third surprise label design is?


My coin arrived. I took a couple of detail shots for you guys, its hard to take them in a lit enviroment because the coin reflects a lot of light.



(Detail shot:

(Detail shot:


All in all, I like it! I'm not an avid Nintendo collector but I like having this so I'll need to get a box and coin capsule to store this in.

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I'd love to get one of these.
I wouldn't like them to be a gold or platinum status prize though....

Meowph, that's right!

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Oh! eShop Gurus.

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how do u get the gold coin ive never seen that in my store

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iphys wrote:

My Mario label is the jumping pose. On Club Nintendo they show Mario in a walking pose. Does anyone know what the third surprise label design is?

on Club Nintendo they also show Mario in a standing pose (it's on the main page, when the bags are shown in the banner up top), so that's probably the third. the bag i got (which is fabulous, btw) also has Mario in the jumping pose.

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I love Club Nintendo!

I ordered a good handful of rewards, such as the star messenger bag (I got it recently), the pin badge with Mario and Princess Peach, the Mario sensu fan, and of course, the Super Mario figurine statue. I have 20 Coins now, but I'm in Platinum status because I've been getting a lot of Coins. I can't wait to see what the next Platinum reward is... I can barely contain myself

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SuperMarioKenny wrote:

I can't wait to see what the next Platinum reward is... I can barely contain myself

I'm excited to see too. A little more than a month until the Club Nintendo year is over.
What does everyone want to see as a platinum reward? My favorite idea is an exclusive game download for the 3DS.

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I wouldn't want a download as the platinum reward. As cool as Doc Louis' Punch-Out was a couple years back, I prefer a physical object. A download is just to....un-substantial. I would be all for some reasonably priced 3DS downloads in the regular prizes though! I too am waiting in great anticipation for the reveal of this year's platinum prize! Does anyone know the approximately time they reveal it?

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turtlelink wrote:

I need help getting 190 coins D':

Buy stuff. :3

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