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You get 60 coins so far for selected Wii U games.


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Just ordered the animal crossing playing cards I have had my eye on for a very long time.

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I just ordered the Wii Control Holder (first time I've ordered something) and I can't wait for it to come!

I just looked up my shipping details... it said :

Quantity: 1
Price Canadian $300.00

O.o $300 for something smaller then my foot? That's like buying 2 of my Wii's!

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Goddanm... the Australian club Nintendo is in a MESS right now... No stars catalogue, incomplete website/login screen and everything scattered everywhere! It's been like this for more than a week now! I really want to register my Pokemon Black 2 game...


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Do you get coins for DSiWare games? I just bought 10 Second Run, iSpot Japan, & Paul's Shooting adventure a few days ago (Thursday or Friday), but nothing has come up on my "to do" list for them, yet.

Also, got YouTube (Wii) a few hours ago, just in case you get coins for it.


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You only get post-play surveys after a week, no registration.

And I want to see the new prize for 3DS already. Something good like Art Style please.

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rayword45 wrote:

You only get post-play surveys after a week, no registration.

And I want to see the new prize for 3DS already. Something good like Art Style please.

I bet it's a rehash. But actually since the last game up was a rehashed VC title, we're probably looking at a DSiWare download this week. I just hope it's not another $2 download title for 100 coins.

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The prices for WiiWare/Wii VC have been lowering, maybe we'll get lucky and get a 100-coin $5 download (I want some more Art Style)

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Was really hoping for Pokemon Rumble, for Wiiware

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i already have this one but at least this is a new offering though

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Joy. Another $2 download for 100 coins. When are they going to realize that nobody wants these? At $2, you're better off buying these titles.

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I about have enough (after a looong time) for the Game and Watch ball...should I spend them all on that?? It's only selling for about 70 bucks from what I saw so I don't know if it's worth as long as it took me to build up those coins.

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If you don't really want the G&W, I'd save your coins so you can quickly pounce on anything good that gets offered. I wouldn't be surprised if they put up some new physical rewards for the holidays soon, just to help remind everyone to buy some Nintendo games, lol.

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