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My cards just recently arived and they are neat and as most people say the rules a wee bit poor but with the internet nowadays a trained monkey coud find a better explenation of the rules.

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I saw they got more goodies today. I just want the SNES/Classic controller for the Wii

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I wish that Club Nintendo of America would give such great goodies as those that Club Nintendo Japan gives away.

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Stuffgamer1 wrote:

@Kawaiipikachu: Define "anything." We could make a deal, perhaps.

Im not that bad just that Club Nintendo Ameraca launch served basicly as a preview for Club Nintendo Australia.
Just that im disapointed when my faverite prize the Hanafua cards wernt there.



"Not that bad?" I think you had something very different in mind than I did.

If you don't really want it, don't make it sound like you do. It's confusing. If I can get something reasonally good for my set, I would be willing to ship it off to whomever wanted it. Dead serious.

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Japan's crappy prizes are better than our good ones.

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OMG Exlamation warriors! AWESOME game I saw a video on it on Youtube, I wish more games like it would be released globally

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