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I am Platinum level with 890...

Direct quote: Bork, Bork, Bork


Wow, not fair.

I rule when it comes to games. So deal with it.


I'm Platinum 610 but will add more Game & Watch Game here i Come ^^!!!

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I feel so stupid. I threw away most of my registation cards for the games.
I now have 430 points.

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I really need to get around to registering for the Club one of these days, at least to see how many coins I have. Probably not enough for anything good, but....we'll see.

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I'll save my post play surveys for July 1st, then I can get a head start on the reset year.

Tomena Sanner: Because dancing businessmen are awesome.


HA! I have 1240 elite status coins. (btw, wiiloveit, THAT is what is called showing off)
edit: (admittedly I spend all my money on games and I have (Almost) every first party title.)
I bought the gameand watch collection and I think Ill save the other 440 coins for the next round
what do you guys want for a platinum prize?

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