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Systems released prior to the Wii (for example Gamecube or GBA) do not qualify for Coins. Since you don't know for which games these cards are some of them may be worthless.



It does say WII/3DS/DS games there from but cheers for the reply I havent really registered any games so guess it could be a good start for me



nintendoseller wrote:

It does say WII/3DS/DS games there

Sorry, i didn't saw it.

I always swap my coins (in Europe they are called "stars") for Wii-Points.
Considering that you get 250 Coins/Stars for a product (I don't really know - all I know is that you sometimes get 250 for a Wii game)

Then you have:
41 x 250 = 10250 Coins/Stars
In the WiiPoints shop you can get 100 Wii-Points for 400 Stars.
So in the best case, you could earn 10250 Stars for registering all these cards.
And then swap them for 2562 Wii-Points. And 2500 Wii-Points are worth 25 Euro (I think that are ~GBP 20,00.)

But, as I mentioned, I don't know if you really get 250 Coins for a game and if Coins/Stars values are the same in Germany and England.

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