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Aviator wrote:

my_point_is wrote:

It`s about time NoE snd NoA started offering something better for their club nintendo members.

I'm starting to get really pissed with all the people saying that thier NOA or NOE Club Nintendo is bad. For the entirety of NoAU's Club, we have had 5 items, a Wii Remote stand, face towels, Game & Watch Collection and two cases, and their not even the fancy Super Mario/Animal Crossing cases. Shut up. You have had it so much better. You get points for filling out surveys on your games, Wii, WiiWare, DS/i, DSiWare. Do you know what we get. 200 points for a retail purchase then a survey asking have we played one of the previous games series. So shut up.

how is 200 points bad we in na only get 50 >.<



@Andy100003: Their point system doesn't work the same way ours does, meaning that 200 Aussie points does NOT equal 50 American coins.

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I just finished my survey. Suggested:

  • Points Cards (first and foremost)
  • SNES-replica Classic Controller
  • Exclusive games
  • Soundtracks
  • Character Plushies (If there ever was a Jenna [Golden Sun] plush, I would die of happiness)

On that last parting remark...survey said!


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I suggested

Rewards not sucking and being left over Japanese rewards
Interactivity with systems and Club Nintendo, like letting people review games for other to see on their Wii system.
Exclusive content first (example being an XBL Gold member minus paying money) such as getting demos and trailers first before everyone else.
PROMOTE online more.



@Andy 200 Stars would be your 50 coins.

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