Topic: Club Nintendo Bags are Back! New Kirby Patches and Mario Wii Wrist Straps!!!

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I saw a girl with a Kirby Epic Yarn patch similar to those at school a few months ago.
Anyway, it seems like Club Nintendo is improving every month!

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Praise the lord!!!! I've been checking Club Nintendo EVERY DAY since those bags went out of stock. Now they're back! I ordered one of each of the bags and a sweet Kirby patch set!

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Why doesn't anyone tell me about these things?

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Ya know, it really figures. I really have been checking the site every day for updates on the bags. Then, this morning, I was about to check and just said "meh, forget it. They're not gonna be available" Of course on this one day that is when they ARE available. Good thing I saw this topic or I might have missed them again! Club Nintendo really seems to be improving greatly ove these last 6 months or so. Lots of good items! One complaint though, am I the only one that thinks the pricing on some of the newer items is a little bit outrageous? I mean, those pins and fans and even those towels were way high priced. Same with these new Kirby patches. I want to own every single item but I just can't even with 4 strong accounts going!!

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I actually think everything is fairly priced besides the Wrist Straps and the Kirby Patches. When I was waiting for the fans to come I was expecting them to be around 300. The pins in my eyes are really high quality looking so I was very pleased with it. I got a nice frame for the Super Mario and Friends Poster so that was a big deal. I might get another poster set encase something happens to this one. I pinned the fan on my wall as well as the tote bag. The Hanafuda cards I think are a bit overpriced but I have them on my desk. I actually had to buy a few of these items from people using Wii Points. I just really like them, they are like collective pieces for me and have kick started my Mario Collection in general.


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Oh, I don't disagree that they're all very nice looking. I actually very much love the look of most Club items. In fact, its that very attractiveness of the items that make the prices all the more painful because, the higher the prices, the less of everything I can own Although, comparing Club Nintendo to any other customer rewards program, it probably is one of the fairest, easy to earn programs out there. I never thought about filling in missing items by paying people for them in wii points. How much do you typically pay for certain items?

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GIVE ME 3rd party toys, I want my own slime plush. but at least the kirby patches are here

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Otaku wrote:

GIVE ME 3rd party toys, I want my own slime plush. but at least the kirby patches are here

I'd be happy if we even had 1st party plushies/figurines. More games like the G&W collections and Ultra-Hand would be nice too...



+1 messanger bags, yeeeeeeees

will i ever use it in public, prolly not, but it's free so what

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the Rewards thread is here. Please feel free to continue the discussion there :3

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