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The old one by a country mile. Did not like the new one one bit and I'm a big J Depp/Tim Burton fan, but I thought it was terrible really. The old one had much more charm and an almost magical quality.I found the new one very sterile what with the cloned Oompa Loompa's (WTF) and Depps very strange almost creepy performance and the awful factory design. Give me Gene Wilder any day.Yes it wasn't close to the book but like Sean Aaron says if you want the book ,read the book. Just my opinion of course What do you get when you guzzle down sweets? CLASSIC!!

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@Chicken Brutus: Yeah, they're all classics, but give me a break... 'Cheer up, Charlie'? ugh... and I can't stand all the Oompa Loompa songs either; I very much prefer the new ones that at least use lines from the book's songs (even if the way the writers knitted them together doesn't make much sense, as in Violet's song). At least Dahl's original work (and Charlie, as it followed that with the OL songs) gave us the morals in a darkly amusing manner after we watched the drama with the kids play out; Willy Wonka beat us over the head with them (in sequences with seriously dated textual effects; what the hell were they thinking!) after we already knew what they were trying to show us (don't be a glutton, don't chew gum all day, don't be a spoiled brat/don't spoil your kid, too much TV is bad for kids).

Also, I think I forgot to mention that I like some of the other actors much better in the new version. Charlie has some personality (beyond just being a young poor child) in this one, as do all the grandparents (Grandpa George is pretty hilarious in fact... he reminds me of one of the old guys from The Muppet Show that always crap on everything :3), and that old guy who plays Grandpa Joe -- I like him a lot. He has this gentle, kind aura about him that the Joe from the first movie lacked, and you can really believe that he's too feeble to walk at first (unlike Joe, who looks like he's just laying there).

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look up Willy Wonka and the Sexual Innuendo Factory on youtube

there's a few funny arguments against the old one lol

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