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Topic: Come up with a sentence such as "Like Like Likes like Like Like Likes who like Like."

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How I made the sentence is that the word "like" is the name of a village in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the name of an enemy from the Zelda series (Like Likes), the name of an Ali Smith novel, and like as in "liking".

So basically, it means Like Likes from the village "Like" like Like Likes from the village "Like" who like the novel "Like".

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Wouldn't the "Tongue Twister Thread" be less of a mouthful?


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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

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Oh, you fool who foolishly fools around with their foolishly foolish foolery and foolishly leading their foolish life into a void of foolishly foolish foolness. whiplash

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Mario marries Marion in a chariot at the Marriott while Luigi,Mario's brother and Marion's new brother in law looks on lovingly at Louisa,Marion's sister and Mario's new sister in law but Luigi does not want Louisa and he to get married in a chariot at the Marriott like Mario and Marion,so he and Louisa elope to Louisiana.

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Wut wut wut wut WUT?

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koo koko kokko. Koko kokkoko? Koko kokko.

btw TC's sentence doesn't make any sense

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@Morphtorok :
I think this will answer your question.

Warning: Turn your volume down before you click the above link.

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Morphtorok wrote:

Oh, you fool who foolishly fools around with their foolishly foolish foolery and foolishly leading their foolish life into a void of foolishly foolish foolness. whiplash

Anyone guess who I am?

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The president procured precious pickles to produce pugnacious predators.

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