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Okay, so I heard this really cool song from my friend's iPod yesterday and I want to download it, but I can't remember the name! He said it's from a video game that's relatively new but is one of those "retro reboot" type games. I think the game started with an M or a S though. The song went like:

Doooo dodo do do do dun dun dun doooo. do do do do do do do do do dooooooo. doodoo doo doo dun dun dun dun do do do do dun dooo dun do dunun doooooooo doo dooo doo doo doo doo doo brapapapa dunun doooo. brapapapapapa nana rapapapa nanaaaa rapapapa nanadoooooo!

But then the bridge was like:

Dununun do do dooooo dunun do dooooododo. do do do do do nananananananananananana, do dooooo dununun do doooo dundun!

Please help me as soon as possible!

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Lol, how the hell are we supposed to figure out what song it is, from tone-less "dooo do doo"'s?

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Ummm yeah going to need a link or something of the song or maybe better yet ask your friend no offense but its hard to tell what booop boop beeep beeep is.

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I think this is a joke. Relax.


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You said the bridge was all 'Dununun do do dooooo dunun do dooooododo'... if i had to guess, i'd say it'd be This Song by This One Guy. but then it could also be That Song by That Dude Over There... idk :3
if you're serious, though, just call your friend lol

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Have any lyrics for us? Or you know, you could just ask your friend what song that was.

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I found it!


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Anyways, I can't tell what a song is without lyrics... its impossible to know what song it is if its just noise... or in this case words that aren't lyrics.

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I'm surprised this thread hasn't been banned yet Yeah, it was a joke, but in case you were wondering, I was loosely basing the "do dos" and "nanas" off of this song:

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