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Hello Nintendo Life users, I humbly ask for help in finding an internet article. It's this thing that I later learned was fake, but I think it'd be interesting to read and look at it again. It was this supposed "guide" on a super-secret way to go AFTER World -1 in Super Mario Bros. I remember it involved some stupid crap like "get all the coins and follow a specific path(which the writer supposedly didn't remember) then Mario will be able to go through the top blocks above the pipe and onto the "rest of the minus world". The rest of the Minus World in this article involved an underwater castle and then inside it even had like underwater lava and stuff. The article came with "proof" in screenshots, and I want to uncover it again because I remember being young and constantly trying to get all the coins and fins the "path" past World -1. Eventually, of course, I found that all that crap was fake, but I think it's an interesting piece of fake-mythology-history, at least in my childhood anyways.

Does anyone else here know the article/webpage I'm talking about? If so, can anyone link it to me please?

One more thing, I found that some other website has a COUPLE of the screenshots from this fake article guide, here it is:

I KNOW those screenshots are from the fake guide I'm referring to.
Can anyone please help me find it, or at least does anyone else remember that webpage? Thanks



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