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Topic: Buying a HD TV (yeah, I know I'm late to the party)

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I thought of asking this question somewhere else online, but people on these forums are much for respectful and thoughtful for their answers.
Well, anyway, my story in short: I'm going to buy a HD TV for the first time cause I plan to get a Wii U and/or an XBOX 360. (A GAMER IN 2012 WHO STILL USES A SDTV!? Yes, I'm a gamer in 2012 with a SDTV). :P

Hahahaha, OK, my question is: should I buy a LCD, plasma or LED? Something else? I do not want a "smart TV".

Besides, I'm not very tech savvy, so what things should I have in mind at the moment of choosing a TV?
I do not want a 3D TV either, but I'm doing the investment to have the best experience possible in HD gaming, and to make use of a blu ray player.

Thanks a bunch!!

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Well, you're not the only one who just upgraded to a HDTV this year. I think all of them are fine, but I would personally go with a LCD...since that's the one I have and it works great. Twitter Wii FC: 4579-0293-6760-7162 [10:25] DarkwingLz: D**mit Knux, tell Sony to release Vita TV here >:[

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LCDs are cheap now :)

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All I can say is that I've got a nice big Panasonic plasma and it's great for games, TV and blu-rays.


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