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Sorry couldn't find the book thread (tried that search thingy but it went all weird but if someone can find it for me I'll move this comment to that.
Anyway......I've just read White Fang / Call of the wild by Jack London and wondered if anyone else had read it.Don't know why I've never heard of this book (and I beleive film). I thought it was amazing, Never thought I'd enjoy a book about dogs so much . Just a really great story and at times quite brutal and harsh, just like the wilderness it's set in. Fantastic book especially considering the time it was written the morals and themes are still very relevant and it is a real easy read.Just a good old fashioned story which I don't think I read enough of sometimes. I also thought while reading it that Wild Fang could make a great game.Imagine coming out of your lair as a new born (kinda like the beginning of Fallout 3 ,well kinda!) in to the wilderness having to hunt your food ,fight other dogs and lynx and avoid mans traps and weapons.Later on you could go to a village and have dog sled races and dog fight etc ,I admit it needs fleshing out a litte but still.......

What's this bit for again?


I remember watching the movie, but I never read the novel.

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