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I'll likely be taking advantage of some online Black Friday deals, and putting up a Christmas tree.

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Working at my terrible, horrible job.

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My youth group and I will be giving out cookies to people working at retail stores during Black Friday. They sure as heck need some relief on that day.

Not directly, like just waltzing in and giving them to cashiers. That'd be even more stress inducing.

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@moomoo: that's very kind of you and your youth group, but I'd suggest getting in touch with the stores you want to give cookies to beforehand. in a lot of places, that would amount to a 'gift' from a 'customer', and i know where I work accepting such a 'gift' could get me fired (yes, it's just a cookie, yes, it's still against our company rules). I'm sure if you guys were to go around beforehand and ask if you could bake cookies for a few stores' employees or something, they'd probably be happy to accept — or at least point you in the direction of an organization that would be willing (or able) to accept your thoughtful gifts. :3

edit: i just had a thought — if some of you guys' parents work retail, you could probably have them bring you guys' cookies in as a gift from your group. that way you don't have to brave the scary crowds and you can still do something nice :3

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@TBD Don't worry, we've already started preparations. We're making sure we're doing this the right way.

Best thread ever
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@Ideal_Hero - I smell a plan!

I foresee what you'll do there.
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grumblebuzzz wrote:

Working at my terrible, horrible job.

Maybe someone will bring you a cookie.


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I've seen footage of all that selfishness and violence at stores in the recent years on Black Friday.No way are me or my (50+)parents going.

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Doing Black Friday for the first time this year. Going to the record store to buy some special edition LPs they're releasing that day for Record Store Day: Black Friday.

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Saving up for Wii U so no major buys for me. I might just go to Best Buy though and see what they have.

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Since my country seems set on imitating the united states, we're having the "buen fin" ("good [week]end") this weekend, which is the time of the year when stores sell things cheaper or make special offers to initiate the christmas season (completely unrelated to the black friday, seriously)...
I guess we may visit the city to go shopping.

This black friday I guess we'll go in an amazon shopping spree, as usual.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Even as a Black Friday veteran, I'm a bit perplexed by the 2012 Black Friday sales. Some stores are open all day on Thanksgiving, some open at 7 or 8 at night on Thanksgiving, some are open at midnight on Friday, some at 5am. Some stores are doing their Black Friday sales all weekend while others are having a whole Black November.

Crazy stuff.



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