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What are your plans for Black Friday?

I'm leaving at 10pm staying up till 2am then waking up at 4am and continue shopping. Considering picking up the xbox 250gig holiday bundle.

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Our family is going to get up around 5 AM and head out. My sister is planning on buying the XBOX 360 Kinect bundle from Wal Mart and I'm planning on getting a PS3 + Sony Move bundle. I'm also thinking about picking up a 16gb iPad if it's discounted to $199.99.

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I will most likely have to work on Black Friday, I work at a Movie Theater and it gets really busy (maybe even the busiest day of the year at our theater) on Black Friday.

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I'm staying here. On the internet and buying cheap games.

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Lol, i didn't know black friday was an official day off in America.
French test, nothing else special.

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Going to go to the Gamestop by my house and get a few things.

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IF I have extra money than Megaman Zero Collection


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Wiggler_Kart_7 wrote:

Lol, i didn't know black friday was an official day off in America.
French test, nothing else special.

Well it's part of the Thanksgiving break.

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Take advantage of Gamestop's buy two used games get one free deal. Gonna pick up 999, Odin Sphere, and The Orange Box this year.

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hopefully getting a 24 inch HDTV for 79.99.... though with only 15 in store, I'm gonna have to leave right after thanksgiving lunch and wait till 12am the next day... FUN TIMES!

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soccer686 wrote:

I'm staying here. On the internet and buying cheap games.

Personally IMO these stores nowadays have ruined the concept of Black Friday.

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I'm picking up Skylanders at K Mart. Then coming home to buy cheap games on amazon.

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I'm gonna be at GameStop at midnight to trade in my DSi and get that Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS bundle

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Work... Walmart is going to be so busy that I won't even be thinking about shopping until after work (7:30 PM). Luckily I have a short shift, but I'll still be overwhelmed by all the greedy, annoying, loud, angry, impatient, ungrateful customers.

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Wally Mart is selling a nice Bike for $50. Shame I can't get it.



bezerker99 wrote:

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I'll be sleeping till the afternoon and then playing Skyward Sword...

This, plus eating Thanksgiving leftovers. Not going to see me out in the middle of the night getting trampled by insane shoppers!

Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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I feel for you, man. Walmart is the absolute last place I'd want to be working on Black Friday. Best of luck to you brother.

I can't stand the crowds and the hassle. I'm also not a morning person, and to get the good deals, you pretty much have to be there early in the morning (or out Thanksgiving night, now, which I don't want to do).

I have a couple of aunts/cousins into it, so it's nice to be able to flip through the flyers and get an idea of things I might get for people for X-mas. I'll spend the little extra cash to just buy things online (if that's even necessary).

Hopefully, Skyward Sword will arrive tomorrow, and I can play that all day. I have a feeling UPS is going to blow it though. If I'm lucky, they'll deliver it Friday morning. /fingers crossed.

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