Topic: Beware cheaters, Nintendo 3DS will catch you! (A Brilliant Use of StreetPass)

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This is probably the most bizarre and brilliant use of the StreetPass function I have ever seen.

Read on, be amazed, come back here and just marvel if you may.

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That was genius material right there. Good show, lady!

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Well played lady,

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But....wouldn't the husband have gotten suspicious when his 3DS got a hit from an unknown system in the house owned by his wife? Anyway, pretty smart women using the power of Nintendo that way

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When I read that, all I could think was:
You stupid man, why would you take a girl around to your house?! Do you want to be caught by your wife or something? What a turd... facepalm

But what that lady dide was genius, pure genius.

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Haha that's amazing xD

@bboy2970 The husband might've been a little preoccupied at the time but that's just a guess :3


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article wrote:

She placed her 3DS in the closet for a few days, “I came home from work yesterday and saw nothing, but on April 1st, my 3DS’ Street Pass was lit up and saw the b*tch’s Mii on it.”

Made my day!

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Oh no, this poor he is losing his wife and only has a hot young gamer girlfriend. What ever will he do?

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Hahahahahaha! Smart!


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Absolutely amazing. Nintendo loves families!

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Big kudos to the wife for coming up with that. xD I hope she gives him hell and if that girl is willing to do that with a married man she deserves a d-bag like him.
but hey she did get a 3DS out of it



Friggin' awesome. She's like a spy or something. I wonder what other kind of stuff can we use streetpass for?

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I don't care if it's true or not, that's brilliantly awesome.



Just imagine at the divorce proceedings.
Judge: How do you know your husband broke your marriage vows?
Woman: My Nintendo 3DS told me so.
Wonder if the Nintendo 3DS will pay her contempt of court costs?

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Let's attack aggressively, kupo! :D

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...I thought someone posted this already...?

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So I wonder who gets the 3DS in the divorice. That was freakin awesome. I doubt he will bring his other lady around the house anymore.

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