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whats the best gift uve got by preordering a certain game and what game whas it?
My favorite preorder offer was the lego keychain when u preordered lego batman

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the rooster hat for pre-ordering Scribblenauts. Haven't gotten it yet, but I will!


free copy of the first Shadow Hearts when I bought Shadow Hearts: Covenant. First time I've ever seen an entire game given away as a preorder bonus.

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You choose what you pay for Championship Manager 2010. I paid £2.51 (Lowest possible price) for it. Absolute bargain. The deal's still available until it's release next Friday (I think it's Friday)


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Halo 3 ODST I can get to play as sergent johnson in co-op mode. Haven't gotten it yet

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I loved the free shirt & poster included with the Metroid Prime Trilogy preorder.

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i heard that one game was originally packaged with a rock inside

i never preorder games but i think im gonna have to break that when i preorder scribblenauts
chicken hat!!!

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I'd have to say Guitar Hero Van Halen if you pre-ordered Guitar Hero 5

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