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Sometimes a crisp, beautiful art piece on a game box makes the whole game, some have bad art (Mega Man), and some are just plain crappy. post here ur favorite and least favorite game box art. remember, this isnt critisizing the game, just the casing it comes in

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I agree with Odnetnin's choices.



Best Cover: Fatal Frame III (AKA Project Zero 3 in Europe)
Fatal Frame 3

Worst Cover: Ghouls n Ghosts (European Master System Version)
Ghouls'n Ghosts

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Best: Wario Land Shake It

Worst: Mega Man

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Best: Contra 4

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Worst: Mega Man
Best: Metroid Prime Trilogy!



I would argue that the original Mega Man cover is simultaneously the Worst and Best box art ever. There's also a lot of very cool Atari 2600 box art (cool in that "how is this in any way connected to what is on my screeen?!" way).

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Best: Terranigma (SFC/SNES)
Worst: Mega Man (NES)

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Best is Metroid Prime Trilogy. That case is amazing
Also Twilight Princess

Worst are mega man boxarts. The mega man games (at least 1-3 and 9) were AWESOME. The box art .... not so much.

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Mega Man , as awesome as it is, has the worst boxart ever, even worse than Mega Man 2. Metroid Prime Trilogy has one of the best box arts.

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Seriously, this is some bad cover art, taking inspiration from Doctor Who (Not everyone will get that) wasn't a good idea here. Also, why are PEGI using different colours for their age ratings? I preferred it when they just used the black and white logos and not all these multicoloured ones


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EDIT: I can't find a smaller image. If you right click the image and press "view image", it will show you a smaller version

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