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I still buy mainly Nintendo-published games because they are the best. No matter what. They always made the best games, always will. If Nintendo was the last thing making games on Earth, I'd be just fine with that. I'm a guy who would pass on playing the best game on 360 or PS3 for Super Mario 64.

But as Corbie said, I will still buy anything that catches my eye for another system, such as the 360 I'm getting. But if I also want something that Nintendo has made, that will come first. Always.

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I buy the games I really, really want, and then the console to go with them.

The PS2, with its final fantasies, niche horror games, and huge RPG catalogue was the best console of all time...

Until the DS game along. So I really spread the love around.


The only pre-owned games I buy are 3rd party games, if it's a Nintendo title I will pay £40 for a new copy every time, like the fool I am. I don't own 'other consoles' as I really dislike both the companies responsible for them (but not as much as Apple), and don't want to help 'the enemy'. The PC gets a lot of love from me as I love playing games on it (have done for 20 yrs), so there is no point me spending more money on what is in effect, another PC. I find the combination of PC and Nintendo is the perfect balance, best of both worlds.

I am a Nintendo fanboy that's for sure, but I'm not the sort to judge others, I couldn't give a **** what everyone else is playing or what they think of me, I'm having fun.



One system only? Never. Those who don't try a bit of everything are missing out. I love the games on the Wii, 360 and even though I don't have a PS3 there are some great games there, too. I don't game much on the PC much anymore, but that's partially becasue the PC seems to have lost its power to offer experiences you won't find anywhere else (except MMOs, which I'm no fan of).

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I tried getting a 360 and bought a few XBLA games. The retail stuff just did not interest me though so I sold it. I do have a PSP and enjoy the occasional game of Outrun 2006 and Gradius Collection. Ridge Racer is quite good on it too.
Nintendo are still number 1 though. Nothing beats the Wii and DS.

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I have a PS2 and a Genesis. Other than that I'm all Nintendo.

The Game.

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Outrunner wrote:

Nothing beats the Wii and DS.

Gameboy beats the DS. Yes,seriously.

The Game.

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I use to be strictly Nintendo, but by the end of 2008, I realized I'm cutting myself out of tons of games I want to play, and I bought a Xbox 360 soon after.

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Well, this generation I'm a Nintendo-purist. Simply because Nintendo went the right way for me and the others didn't. Too much focus on graphics and wanna-be-a-movie games, Nintendo was the one, who focused on gameplay and fun, so they win.

In previous generations I used to play PC a lot (mostly Unreal Tournament) and I owned a XBox. Though I was really disappointed with the Box, which is why I didn't jump on the 360.

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I have everytning Nintendo except for a Sega CD. And when I was little I really used to love playing my next door neighbors Sega Genesis because I thought it was way better than NES, but I didnt even know at the time there was other systems. I was like 5 or 6. And I had a Sega Dreamcast but I sold it. But besides all that I have all the newest Nintendo stuff along with some 3rd party games like Ubisoft and Konami and other such companies.



Also I agree with good graphics and movie like games, just not in every game. If it looks like youre controlling a movie than that looks pretty good to me... I want the other systems but they are too expensive for me.



I'm a Sega man myself, but of course they make no more consoles so everything else I have is Nintendo (and a PS2)

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It's been all Nintendo for me until this year, when I got a Dreamcast, and soon a Ps1 and a Ps3 (and before you ask, I'm getting a Ps1 to use up a crapload of in-store credit, as well as being able to play the games in 2 different places).

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I was previously Nintendo-only, but now that I have all the Nintendo consoles (except for the Virtual Boy, but we won't talk about that one) I decided to buy a PS2, just so I can play the Final Fantasy and MGS series.

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Well, I just have Nintendo Consoles. But I have plenty of third party games, over half at least. It would be hard for me to understand if some just had Nintendo games. They'd be missing out on a lot.

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I used to be a stright-out Nintendo fanboy for three and a half years. Then when Sony announced the 120 GB PS3 Slim, which retains all major features of the original PS3, everything changed. I plan on getting one this Chirstmas.


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