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Look through the history of game companies. Those who are in the best posistion, Nintendo included, tend to get cocky and screw things up. Nintendo may not STAY in the best position much longer if they don't take action now. They've outsold other consoles for a long time largely because of the huge price gap between them. With that mostly out of the way, it would be wise to expect sales to decline. No matter what Nintendo says, this IS a competitive market, after all.

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Wii shouldn't be too tough of a sell. In a broad sense, yes, the Wii deal isn't as attractive as it once was. When you get people to understand the physical experience of it and recommend the right software (like WSR), the Wii will sound more fun to the average consumer than the multimedia consoles. Just recommend the Wii and a couple of games, Wii Play being the other one, and don't fill the customers head with too much jargon about Wi-Fi and channels and such. I'm sure there are more people curious about Wii than you possibly realize.

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Only game fans see companies as 'cocky' or 'arrogant'

Product, Consumer,Business.

Nintendo has no competition for its most successful games, at least not on competingin platforms. Riddle me the PS3/360 equivilant of Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Mario Kart Wii.

Wii Christmas lineup :

Wii Resort, WIi FIt Plus, New Super Mario.

They might be giants. Cocky has nothing to do with it, it is the product. Gamecube had a great library but it focused mostly on 3-d camera - 3-d games of exisiting franchises. Wii has broader game design - back to the roots of arcade gaming. Nice contrast to photrealisitc narrative gaming.

Cocky has nothing to do with it.

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Is funny how people (even Nintendo fans) doesn't realize that the HD machines needed to drop the price in order to sell as the wii in their worst times.
If you really think that INCREDIBLY SMALL BUMP ON SALES will sustain for years you are dellusional. It didn't happened with the saturn, it didn't happened with the dreamcast, it didn't happened with the Gamecube, it won't happen now.
Nintendo has more things to worry than that.