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You can put lame cartoon moments here, but this is for those moments when you're just like, "They actually said that?!?" So here is my list:
On one Spongebob episode, Spongebob said, "Patrick, your genius is showing." Patrick: "What? Where?"
Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I think Cad Bane said "Damn it."
Penguins of Madisgascar, Skipper said, "What the doushe?"


Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy's Big Picture Show (not released in America)
Eddy: What's that?
Double D: It's a sextant.
Ed/Eddy: (spends the next 30 seconds laughing)

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I once saw a cartoon mouse pick a cigar up off the ground lite it and smoke it.

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In the episode of Spongebob with them selling chocolate, when the guy comes up to them screaming "CHOCOLATE!!" and they are curled up hugging each other, Patrick says one of the most innapropriate things ever. Search on youtube for Spongebob SquarePants: Patrick says EAT SPERM

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@minial100 Wow. I thought that he was just screaming randomly, but, wow.


In the first season of Ironman TAS in this one episode, when Ironman is underwater trying to find money to save Stark Industries from bankruptcy, the Living Lazer makes perhaps the dumbest pun ever made: "I think I've got a ... crush on you!" And he decides to crash Ironman with rocks.
Epic fail!

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The entire Family Guy series.

The Game.

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Well I think we shouldn't count in Cartoons that are meant to be naughty

Family Guy, SouthPark, Futurama, American Dad, Cleveland Show etc.

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@Roopa132 Yeah. I mean kids shows. I know this one isn't really bad, but in Jhonny Test, Dukey said, "Growing up sucks." I guess you can't say "Sucks" in TV-Y7 shows. And in Phineas and Ferb, Major Monogram says "sucks," too. and that's TV-G.


@Aenaida SERIOUSLY?!?!!??!! Man, I've gotta watch the Japanese dub.


Check out youtube for "banned pokemon episode" and you will find a lot like this one

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I looked up on Wikipedia a long time ago that there was an episode of Pokemon not brought to Western shores because a man was holding a gun to Ash's head! Good thing they didn't bring it up, prior to 4Kids. :/

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In one of Donald Duck's cartoons "Spare the Rod", he says "You little bitch!"

Then there's Johnny Bravo, which is full of sexual innuendos. And then there's the gun violence in Popeye.

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