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Topic: bad games with good music

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Red_XIII wrote:

GuSilverFlame wrote:

Red_XIII wrote:

dumedum wrote:

Any Zelda that is not good still has epic music.

Except phantom hourglass. That Ost sucked, big time.

it had some good music! my favorite was this one

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It sounds like poorly compressed Wind Waker music mixed with awful new compositions to me.

I didn't get to play Wind Waker so I can't agree or disagree...... I want to play WW.... why my GC had to break and I didn't get a WiiU?

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The sea theme from Phantom Hourglass is one of my favorites from the series.

However, it's true both zelda ds games had pretty uninteresting soundtracks.

Not terrible or bad, just not as good as others from the same series. What's up with every single non-town island or train station using the same 10 seconds long background music? Seriously.

Outstanding Morph Marron didn't fit. Woof.

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Only memorable theme i can think of from the DS Zelda games is the Train theme...just hearing that along with the train engine was awesome, lol

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@DestinyMan This thread was made in March 2012.

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since we've now got two equal-sized threads about the same thing, i'm gonna lock this one since it's got more replies arguing about whether it should be open or not. let's use the other, please and thank you all :3

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