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What games were there that were mediocre or just plain bad, but had decent, good, or even excellent music? This is just something I've been curious about lately. That would seem really weird to me to play a game with terrible controls or a lousy presentation and yet hear music that was genuinely pleasing to the ears.




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Super Mario ball,



I genuinely forget, X7 had decent music too right?

The one main example that comes to mind is NES JRPGs.

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Shadow the Hedgehog had pretty good theme music. But everything else was lackluster.

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I almost want to say Paper Mario: Sticker Star, but I enjoyed that game, so...

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Final Fantasy XIII



kkslider5552000 wrote:

I genuinely forget, X7 had decent music too right?

I genuinely forget too. I think it's because I had a doctor remove all the parts of my brain that contained memories of X7.




Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for the SNES is the only one I can think of. Even back when it first came out, it was a joke compared to many other JRPGs of its time. The story/characters/graphics are very bland and forgettable, extremely basic RPG elements even compared to early NES JRPG's, and 95% of the game is very easy besides some of the enemies/bosses having unfair instant death moves.

The only reason why you would even want to consider playing it is for the music. You might as well go listen to it on YouTube instead. Even though its not the best, I recommend you listen to it at least once.

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ShadowFox254 wrote:

Arc Rise Fantasia, don't know why people say is terrible?

Arc Rise Fantasia is considered terrible?
One of the most underrated games I've ever played, and it has an awesome soundtrack by the same dood that did most of Chrono Trigger.

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