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So, how did everyone do in 2015? My backloggery score was (-30) for the year or (-7) if you take into account all the free games I added this year that I forgot to add, previously.

Even then, it's an improvement on my previous years - in fact, I nearly beat/completed as many games in one year that I have between 2011 and 2014 (by a difference of 2 games).

It would have been a particularly bad year for me if the money I spent on steam this christmas sale wasn't mainly for DLC or expansions to games I already own, with the money I had left over in my steam wallet, it felt a shame not to snap up some of the deals available. In fact, I'm keen to get as many levels of the christmas badge as possible, so I'm going to wring ever penny out of the unneccesary cards I have (last minute card trading has become near impossible, thanks to the 24 hour holding wait), and hopefully, when the 4th arrives, I'll be able to craft two more holiday badges, and maybe, I'll get some 17p RPG Maker games out of it too!

Oh, and as for this year, I beat Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (a Christmas present), but have since bought Alpha Protocol and Star Wars KOTOR II with the £5 I had left in my wallet. Wasn't enough to earn me another card, and while the year isn't off to a bright start in terms of keeping my backlog at bay, I reckon this year, I will be able to stay in the positive.

As per my current backlog playlist, I am playing Dead Island & Dead Island Riptide co-operatively, Xenoblade Chronicles X (that's going to take a long time to beat), The Next BIG thing, Patapon (lots of grinding, although I'm nearing the end - most of my current playtime has gone towards blitzing through Apollo Justice), The Lost Vikings, Chrono Trigger DS (that's a daunting game), Castlevania SOTN, Beyond Good and Evil and a completion of Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Prior to Apollo Justice, a lot of my free time has been spent playing Dead Island - I'm just 3 achievements away from a steam 100%, but now I've moved on to the thankfully shorter Dead Island Riptide (with , thankfully less co-op orientated achievements). I'm confident I can get into a good momentum in the new year.

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Always an annoyance when you have to posthumously add a game to your backloggery, breaking your momentum.

I couldn't remember if I owned Rayman Origins on the Wii, and it wasn't on my backloggery, but it turns out I do, and so, after beating Chrono Trigger DS (20 hours), I had to add the game to my backloggery, and now I'm back to a backlog score of +3...

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Alrighty, finally started updating my Backloggery page again. Got all the physical games up to date, now I just gotta work on adding my digital games...slowly. Probably in a lot of chunks. I have too many, and that's excluding the ones I damn well know I'd never play, like the Humble Bundle crap I flooded my Steam library with...but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day. Gives me time to figure out what theme I want to go with...the current one is so dreary...

Oh, and before I forget: If anyone still uses the Backloggery has me on their friends list, could you please messege me? I nuked my friends list while I was gone so I wouldn't be tempted to buy a gazillion games ( sort of worked, at least), but now I see that I could've just limited the amount that's displayed on my page, even hiding them entirely...and now there's no member search, so there's no way for me to contact everyone...even one messege from one person would make this a gazilion times easier...

EDIT: Thank you, Starboy and DarkSquid! That was big help...actually, not sure if both of you still post on this forum, but hey. At least from there I could check go through other people's multi-taps and re-add some people (and maybe add some new people, it's been a while). I still got plenty o' space, of course, but now I can mainly focus on logging and/or playing my games.

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I actually changed my BL theme a couple of months ago, but I'm now sporting a Misadventures of Tron Bonne theme and I've been quite pleased with how it turned out.

Also, I don't post on NL nearly as much as I used to, but it's great to see you back around this parts, Canis.

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