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Ok I am still new here and have started a backloggery (SEE LINK IN MY TAG)
I was wondering a couple of things....
Firstly do I put all the games in my household or just mine. I ask this because I do buy 90% of the games in the house though not all for me. I have 4 kids and a wifey to take away my toys from me. I play most games at least once through even if they are technically not mine. (Likewise they do occasionally get handed my games when completed) so I at the moment I have only been putting games I class as my own. (I don't know if I want to put every game we've ever owned for sake of couldn't possibly remember tem all and there have been far too many since I first owned an Atari..
Secondly the completed/beaten section. I couldn't figure which to put for some games (e.g. Morrowind finished 3 times but I know I have not done every quest nor even gone through all guilds and houses yet to do so would nearly be impossible especially so in one go). I have opted for the completed or beaten option in most games.
Lastly I will never be able to remember all the games I've owned so I've opted for putting in the most memorable from past consoles I no longer own.
Have a look if you like just click the link to my backloggery below.

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