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His latest video mentions he will be on hiatus till May.

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I´d say his newer character Board James is more entertaining at the moment. They feel like a fresh start for Rolfe.



He is not a hero a hero is someone brave that saves people he is just a cool dude that makes videos

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To be honest, I feel like that the AVGN was destined to end horribly. While hearing a person rant about an old video game is funny the first couple of times (if you're into that sort of thing), you can't really sustain a whole web show based upon it unless the show has good jokes and clever writing (which both are missing from most AVGN episodes).

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I've always hated him. The AVGN is really, really annoying.

I'd have to agree.

Also agreed.


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I still enjoy watching his videos, and will properly continue if he still makes them, although I have heard he may take a break soon. He started it as a joke for his friends but it grew. I may even dominate his life!
Of course the Nerd is a character and as James he seems a sensible and well-researched person. I especially enjoy his movie reviews, which he does as himself.
I'm not so keen on the toilet humor or the fight scenes, or even the extra characters. I prefer the ones where the game is so ridiculous and absurd, whether it is the plot or the design, like PDWT or Superman. I enjoy his console reviews (e.g. SegaCD, like the penguin game or green head).
I've mixed feelings of ZP, he can be funny sometimes (and the cartoons are usually good, but I'm getting tired of him. His overly negative attitude is off-putting (which he has been ramping up lately), and I'm not into hyper misery. He's not as good as Charlie Brooker (his inspiration).
As for the NC, well, some are okay, and I like his more cheerful ones (Willy Wonka, theme tunes), but I don't really like it. I'm not saying it is bad, as clearly a lot of thought and effort go into them. It's just too hyper, annoying and not my kind of humor. Also, the vast majority of his references are American shows/pop culture icons, which I've never heard of! Anyway, don't like, Don't watch!

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