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metalmario: you are one who is plagued by avatar size limitations!

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You know, nobody ever gave me a description. The poster after me got caught up in the SUPERZELDAMAN is a real-life Cynthia lookalike talk. So if anyone would like to change that, feel free.

briunj04, you look like the kinda person I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

I guess that since I said that, that first part becomes invalidated. Oh, whatever. I don't want to delete it.

EDIT: Or maybe Dark Link did. The post said "You're weird" but I assumed that was directed at SUPERZELDAMAN. If you read this, Dark Link, care to clear this up?

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@Kid_A: I was supposed to describe you based on your avatar. I did just that.

@PhoenixSage: You look like a slightly dumbfounded girl.

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You look quite violent
You look like a guy who strolls into a bar with a sense of purpose
You look like a child that has just seen their parents doing it.
You look like a sassy snowboarder who surprises the jocks by finishing first on the slopes

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rustythekid wrote:

Actually I'm one to talk. I'm the biggest fanboy of them all!!!!

I didn't post that, and I don't give a damn about who did it or what was posted, but don't use my account just to try to be funny, not cool. I don't care who did it, grow up.



@rusty the kid
you look like a violent ninja fighting a cowboy in a 16-bit game



You avatar makes me think you do very bad things without thinking them through.

Then beg for forgiveness when it turns out bad.

[insert 25 Cents here to play]


Your avatar makes me think of a bat-winged cat trying to be like john travolta.



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@CowLaunch: You sure about that? 50% of the characters in my avatar are PRAYING! Not exactly violent...

@Jangonov: You look like a DSi fan.

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My grampa after asking him a math question... or afer he cut the cheese.

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BrazCanaMan wrote:

My grampa after asking him a math question... or afer he cut the cheese.

You are someone who likes cult games rather than the mainstream. Good for you!




You look like someone who needs to get a new avatar. [kidding]



You look like a fan of western things.

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You look like a fan of Mario and all things metalic.

I rule when it comes to games. So deal with it.


@gameking23: you seem like you lack direction, and frequently find yourself in an abyss. But you are good at following orders, although blindly sometimes. You also like traveling at great speeds. It might not seem so, but you are incredibly useful, offering union workers great wealth and health if you are used correctly.

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@JohnnyB You look like you enjoy violent crimes against animals.


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And can you go a little faster?!


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