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Hey. I know i'm still fairly new around here and this is probably a bit overly ambitious, but I saw that JamieO just worte a review for Star Fox that was published here on NintendoLife (fantastic review, by the way, man). This got me to wondering how one would go about getting the privilege to write for NintendoLife. I have been a huge fan of the site since I found it, and have since all but abandoned and, using NintendoLife as my primary source for news, previews, and reviews. I've even participated in the forums on game-related and just totally random topics-- something I never have done anywhere else-- because I love the atmosphere here. I am currently just a freshman in college at Troy University in Troy, Alabama, but am a print journalism major, and plan to go pursue a Masters degree in creative writing after my four-year bachelor's degree, with the hopes of one day earning a position as a Narrative Director for a game company writing plot and script. I am already involved with my school newspaper, the Tropolitan, and am a Perspectives staff writer. I am a loyal Nintendo fan, and have only once owned a non-Nintendo console (the PlayStation), and that only briefly, so i could offer little gaming knowledge outside of Nintendo's own history, but as this is a Nintendo site, i wouldn't see that being a huge problem. Anyway, I seem to have rambled on enough, and have just about given you my resume, which was not what I had meant to do. I'd just like to know what kind of things need to be done to be given the opportunity to write a piece or two for the site. I'd love to use that as a way to give back to this community that has been so extraordinarily welcoming and friendly and fun. Looking forward to getting some input/advice! Thanks!

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The normal routine is when we announce that we need news reporters/mods, you apply. You'll see a banner go up on the main page when we're looking to bring people aboard. Normally reviewers start out as news reporters or mods first and then are later brought up to be a reviewer. This isn't always the case, but that's generally how it works. And we don't care if you own or love other consoles. I'm a rabid PSP and Xbox 360 fan, but I just happen to like Nintendo.

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I usually do reviews on youtube for games but people always said to me "dude...your camera sucks and has bad quality but if you had a video recorder your reviews would be classic"


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What Corbie said, that's how I got to be a news reporter, and I'm still happy to be a part of the team.

I got to do a review about 2 weeks into the gig, but that was only because I filled in for a regular. I enjoyed writing it and hope to do more in the future!

Feel free to add me to any of the listed consoles or services here :D just let me know who you are!

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Corbie's rabid?! (Runs out of the room.)

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I look forward to user reviews, that'll be fun.

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Maybe user reviews could become part of that ever-missing 'Games Collection' section on everyone's profile page - would make it worth while rather than just a backloggery alternative

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Alright, thanks Corbie. I knew that my relationship with other consoles wouldn't matter. It's just that i see a lot of references to games outside of the Nintendo world, which is something i couldn't offer. And it was also one of the things that made me love this site so much; that I've never been bashed here for loving Nintendo. But I will definitely keep an eye out for those banners! And yes. user reviews could be good, I very much agree.

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