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Hmmm~ black do you have long hair or short hair?

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Marisa- It's so hot, I'm gonna die here.
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OptometristLime wrote:

Jahir wrote:

How do you like your tacos? And more importantly... you do like tacos!

There is still a question left unanswered, but I suppose that @TBD (being human(?)) enjoys this Mexican staple food.

Is she human? I always thought she was a kitty with a monocle and a nice hat (very elegant too).

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why does my cat meow when i eat tacos?
is this cat stupid or smart?
its happening now and im getting super pissed
do you want a cat?

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


So are you a dragon taking the form of a cat or a cat that transforms into a dragon? Also you ever seen this video?

The cat's the only cat who knows where it's at.
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OMG! I know that guy! I was completely unaware of his love of walking...



I'm not sure if I've asked this before, but are SFW furry threads allowed here??? Also, who did you marry in Fire Emblem Awakening???



What have you dress up as in your past Halloweens~
I once I went as the White Power Ranger >.>

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Can you believe it's not butter?

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What do you think of Death Note?

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I have heard the artist formally known as Prince explain what it sounds like when dove's cry but what do you think it sounds like?

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CanisWolfred wrote:

What's your favorite Number? Cuz I know Ryno Stole mine >=[

Technically you're the 777th reply bro.

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@Titanics It's not a question of being sick of answering questions; she said previously that she'd answer our questions whenever she'd get around to it. There's no real schedule to this thing here; it's more of a fun distraction than anything.

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Do you have fun censoring profanity?



geez, has it really been since August? sorry guys — it's been pretty busy around here lately and i hadn't seen this thread pop up in quite a while so i thought no one had been responding. my bad, you all should know by now not to hold your breath for answers in here anyway

speaking of answers~

@ScroogeMcLz: Why should you care? I'd tell you to 'think of the children', but your whole 'heart three sizes too small' condition would get in the way of any serious caring from you, so it'd be pointless for me to do so. :3

@mamp: there's no really set 'schedule' in terms of this thread — i had been waiting for a good page's worth of questions to show up for me to answer, but then i got distracted and things piled up while i wasn't paying attention. it happens, unfortunately :3

@SomeBitTripFan: Easily our most viewed and active topics are the 3DS FC thread and the Pokemon X/Y FC and trading/battle threads. Other notable threads may include the old Goldeneye Wii thread (though i think most of those guys split off onto their own clan website) the MLP thread, the KI:U thread, and possibly the Petit Computer and FE:A threads.

@Jaz007: The story behind that isn't really all that glorious or anything — i just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and then i stuck around long enough.

@Wonder_Mask: Yes, I do think the stickies are helping at least a little bit — i think it'd be a lot worse if they weren't there. Archiving is also helping us to cut down on the clutter those sorts of threads used to leave in their wake. :3

@ogo79: I'm made of meat, not wheat, so yes. :3

@WTV_94: there's not much else out there that can top Five Guys for fast food IMO :3

@NoUsernameHere: i'm pretty sure AC:NL is the least of our problems at this point now that Pokemon has caused all the mayors to run off from their towns :3

@Tasuki: All the time.

@ednice: sorry, but petitions, kickstarters, etc. all fall under the 'no begging' portion of our Rules. You're welcome to advertise such things via your user signature if you like, but creating a thread specifically for the purpose of advertising a petition isn't kosher.

@Jaz007: I don't remember the first time i ate bacon, but i do remember the first time i took a bite out of a Beggin' Strip when i was really little and they'd first come out. it wasn't pretty (or delicious), lol.

@Dark-Luigi: Clock Tower scared the daylights out of me back in the day. i'm not much into horror or anything, but going into a room and having that kid with the giant scissors pop out at you or whatever and then not being able to run away fast enough... ugh D: D: D:

@BadKitty: that macro totally makes the trouble worth it somehow :3

@Titanics: that i took care of better? i treat my games and consoles well, so I'm not really sure what you mean...?

@Retrowire: i don't see why not, i don't think we've had one of those before. i'd be ready for anti-PETA debate if i were you, though, given the sort of ruckus they always like to create.

@Morpheel: I do like autumn. ice and snow bum me out, but cool weather doesn't bother me :3

@Karakato: actually, i do miss your questions, if that's what you're really asking :3
and no, Celine Dion's career will never be justified

@Jahir: I do indeed enjoy tacos. i like mine loaded with refried beans and meat, lettuce, hot salsa, the hottest sauce i can find in the fridge, and a little bit of sharp cheddar cheese (i've had queso blanco and it's too bland for me, i prefer the taste of cheddar on tacos, and the sharper the better). :3

@LordJumpMad: My new 'mod power' would be the ability to reach through the monitor and punch the fools behind the 'putlocker watch gravity online free streaming movie download' spam posts right in the nose. i think that'd cut down on them far more than any spam filtering, user registration blocking, and after-the-fact banning/reporting that we do every time we get these stupid waves of BS, and after a few good socks to the face i doubt they'd be too interested in continuing to try it here :3

@BadKitty: I do indeed love love love them~ (thanks to you and Kato~)

@GuSilverFlame: If the question is still relevant and it's reasonable for me to answer it, i will do so. (that's why i didn't bother with your other question regarding Pokemon threads, since the games have already been out for weeks now it doesn't matter anymore :3)

@ScroogeMcLz: i'm pretty sure you used to go around shocking people before, so i'm sure you would enjoy such a power :3

@OptometristLime: That wasn't really a question, but you have assumed correctly, good eyedoctorfruit :3

@Wonder_Mask: It only takes one to babidy zibbidy boopedy jello pudding anything. Only one.

@DawnOverALilly: My hair is sorta long-ish, definitely not short.

@Jahir: i like to let people come to their own conclusions :3

@ogo79: It's a smart cat trying to turn you off of your food so that it can sneak some of it when you're done. You can keep it, i don't need any smart cats around trying to steal my eats >:/
besides, emmy does that already D:

@mamp: I haven't seen that video, no (mainly because i'm at work atm and can't really watch it even now, lol). Also, as i told Jahir, i like to let people come to their own conclusions :3

@Red_XIII: i don't see why a furry thread wouldn't be ok, so long as it steered clear of fetishes and the creepier side of things. As for FE:A, i married Chrom with the female avatar and my male avatar file i'm working on getting all the supports with, so he'll wind up marrying everyone eventually :3

@Titanics: 'oh gdi what now', for the most part.

@LordJumpMad: in halloweens past, i've been princesses (legit and undead), a puppy dog, a pig, a gorilla-creature wearing a t-shirt, all kinds of crap. i think i was even a ninja turtle at some point, and possibly a pumpkin :3

@Yellowgerbil: I've always been able to believe it's not butter, mainly because it tastes very different. :3

@Jaz007: I think i've seen one episode of Death Note, and i didn't get it at all tbh.

@Pikpikman_X: idk, superman?

@Ryno: i'm not really sure, but mourning doves make this neat noise when they fly away. i like that noise :3

@CanisWolfred: either 2 or 8, i like both numbers :3

@Titanics: No need to get melodramatic. Go play some ToH, you'll love the ending

@uel: It's actually kinda boring, i wish more people would just refrain from using it altogether around here so i have more time to play video games. it's a shame we can't automate it or anything, but filters for profanity can't always be trusted to not completely mangle what people are trying to say, so we have to go in and do it by hand.

@CanisWolfred: of course, but whaddayagonnado. :3

... and i think that's everyone. if i missed your question, i do apologize, and please feel free to ask it again if you really, really need my opinion on the matter :3

future of NL >:3
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