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Heehee! >:]


Got out of line. The situation's been resolved.

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Why does Lz's sig say he's a moderator? xD
Is he that desperate for the title? :3 We all know he so envies you. Who could blame him though. u____u
With his see through shield. >:3

/pounce hugs draaaagon~ :3

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[13:12] LordJumpMad stick his thong out at eme
[17:24] LordJumpMad: I will never male you happy >:[
[21:11] LordJumpMad: You insluted my words >:[
[16:32] turtlelink: gdi emmy. You're probly the best person I...

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Is that LJM your killing?!

Bulletproof and black like a funeral.

Intelligent Systems' obsession with rear ends:

"I fear my derriere is not worthy." - Frederick, FE:A

"My uncanny valley begs for reprieve." - Tharja, FE:A

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Need some security?


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What do you think of Transformers?

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Do you like pugs?


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@theblackdragon sorry for posting that image and thanks for removing it for me(I really didn't see that part bellow until it was too late, and by too late I mean when I saw that you had already changed it!)! I'll be more careful next time!

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@LordJumpMad: users i would not want to see flipped? probably yourself and Emmy, mainly because poor Emmy probably wouldn't survive the transfer. the need to shred your body to bits would be too great u___u

@KiDasharus: I am awake.

@Big-Luigi: My favorite character from the three Mario RPG lines is what I'm guessing you're asking? If not, that's what I'm about to answer anyway, lol... SMRPG, Bowser is my man. Never before had we seen so much of him, and to have him working together with Mario and co. to help save the Mushroom Kingdom? So awesome~ Paper Mario, my favorite character is probably Lady Bow, i loved her attitude (and Mimi probably runs a close second, the character was fun even though the game wasn't lol). Mario & Luigi, it's gotta be Luigi all the way. :3

@Tasuki: As I understand it, when we have prizes available for giveaways, sometimes the companies or devs or whomever is providing them will have region or country-specific restrictions because in the prizes are coming from them even though the contest is being run by NL. If a contest is set for a specific region, it's not NL's decision. I have no idea if or when we'll see another NA-based contest, i'm afraid.

@Ryno: man, i remember playing that game waaaaay back when... A group of us got permission from a teacher to leave a copy of the game running for a few days as we puzzled through everything together really carefully. I'm wanting to say we finally captured her in Oslo or something, I can't quite remember.

@Kyloctopus: I've always been partial to green, but I really, really liked that orange 3DS they showed the year they debuted the design. We did get the purple one, but I'd love to have an orange one like that :3 As for a design, i honestly have no idea what i'd prefer. I liked the design ideas behind those giveaway 3DSes they had for EU, the peach/toad/mario/whatever designs they had were nice, and i like the way they're trying to go with the Pikachu one, but that AC:NL 3DS was hideous, i may as well wrap my 3DS in a pair of boxer shorts, lol.

@Happy-Mask: Too many to count :3 I like how if you leave it alone for a few weeks you may wind up with clover growing in patches around your town, it's a reference to the Leprechaun movie series, y'know.
Well, that and the axe :3

@WinterWarm: My most anticipated release this year is probably already in my hands. I'm not really hung up on Zelda or Pokemon, and I'm all about the Luigi, so... :3

@JadeGirl: A topic for writers in general? I don't think so, not off top of my head, anyway. The last 'writing' sort of topic I can recall was a topic about blogging and writing in terms of users offering tips and advice regarding each other's blogs and stuff, and i haven't seen that pop up for quite a long time now.

@Jaz007: Anything beyond 'crap', 'hell', 'damn', or 'piss' i generally knock out on sight. Also, there are country-specific profanities and slurs based on race/color/disability/gender/sexual orientation/etc. that we do not allow to be used here at NL. It's no big deal, if we see a user suddenly reporting comments that we can't see the problem with we'll get in touch with them for clarification.

As for the 'p' word being edited out of a comment or not, blame the newbies, lol — lz in particular went a bit overboard for a bit, as you can see starting from reply #715, lol. I've since talked to him about it, and i'm pretty sure i've cleared up any potential miscommunication between the two of us, no big deal :3

@Karakato: I can safely say I have no idea about what you're talking about, i'm afraid. Virtual reality isn't my thing, sorry :3

@SomeBitTripFan: I'm not exactly sure when I made that particular decision, i think it may have been earlier this year i chose to stick with that pattern. it's only the 's' word I've been editing into stuff that silly, and i've been doing it on the premise that people choosing to ignore our rule against profanity will see the edit(s) and perhaps make other word choices instead of being made to sound silly by me afterthefact, lol. it's gotten a few lols so far, glad you're enjoying it :3

As for changing another website into something else entirely via banhammer, i'd probably lay waste to Myspace and just leave it gone. Has anything good ever come from there? lol~

@ogo79: personally, i believe you go wherever you think you'll go — the mind is a powerful thing, after all. if 'hell' to you would be the Jersey shore, then you'd better be good >:3

@WildTwinVikings: I'm... not the right person to ask that question, lol. Sega was never much of an influence on me growing up, I don't think. My attitude toward them is fairly neutral :3

@mamp: reviving an old thread is okay if you genuinely have something new to bring to the conversation and if the conversation can really go on after that point. Reviving a two-year-old thread where the OP was looking for a solution to their Wi-Fi problem or asking whether a store had a given game in stock when all you're doing is echoing what someone else in the thread already had to say... I'm pretty sure after two years they've already figured things out for themselves, y'know? :3

@CaptainSquid: I wouldn't mind seeing Sega break free of Nintendo and merge with Atlus somehow. I know it's probably a long shot, but I don't think Nintendo owning Atlus would do any good for either company, I sure as hell don't want Capcom or EA anywhere near them, and while Sony owning them would possibly be OK, the future for Atlus titles on Nintendo hardware would be fairly dim if Sony owned them

@Krimbatize: I'm fairly sure he meant 'piss'. It's not the best word on the face of the planet, but like 'crap', we let it slide.

@DeviousCrossing: i don't know, to be honest it's the horrible ads and ridiculous multi-page article pacing that keep me away from IGN for the most part. Besides, so many other sites report on their news that it's not like I'm missing much :3

@Tasuki: I had already been visiting Virtual Console Reviews (and later WiiWare World) separately for a couple years before the big merger into Nintendo Life. I never had an account for commenting at either site because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of having two more user accounts floating around the internet, lol. When the merger happened, i figured it was time to go ahead and sign up now that it was all under the same umbrella-- especially since the DSi came out a short time later anyway :3

@Big-Luigi: Don't worry, I saw it ;3

@SyFyTy: haha, that's a good take on it :3

@Mickey: Nope, as I'm sure you've already discovered.

(a) I do answer these.
(b) It's not a star, it's a shield, and it's a birthmark, so please don't stare. u_____u
(c) The cat is from some sort of cartoon show or anime, I'd guess — emmy made the avatar for me, ask her if you're really interested :3
(d) I'm not at my computer all day, and even when I'm at my computer I'm not always available to do things at NL, but I try to manage being around when I'm needed.
(e) i'm not really a huge fan of purple.
(f) I don't have a cat, my husband is allergic
(g) If you'd like to know more about the guys behind NL as it is today, check out the staff bios.
(h) as of this moment, there are just shy of 50,000 registered user accounts here at NL.
(i) Sony is OK. Microsoft is not my favorite company in the world, but i'd probably call myself 'neutral' there.
(j) I've seen worse, though admittedly not by much.
(k) That's a question for your parents. You may try asking them.
(l) Old enough.
(m) I do use AOL sometimes.
(n) Hit the caps lock key again. That should fix the problem.
(o) it's okay, i guess.
(p) Yes, I've seen Avatar: The Last Airbender. I haven't watched any of The Legend of Korra or whatever yet, but i suppose I will eventually. I did not see the movie, though, and I don't intend to do so.
(q) I'm just answering your questions in order.
(r) I do shop at GameStop on occasion. It's not the only place I've ever shopped before, though. No, I don't work there.
(s) ok bye

@LordJumpMad: Sorry, looks like i got to it first :3

@Tasuki: English muffins are nom~ but big, fluffy biscuits are the best~!
now i want biscuits and gravy... gah D:

@BadKitty: lz's sig says he's a moderator because he is a moderator, silly. :3

@WinterWarm: I can answer that one — that is LJM she's hopping on

@LzQuacker: No thanks. As a dragon, i've got the whole 'security' thing down, lol — no one in their right mind wants to steal from me, and anyone insane enough to try gets eaten. :3

@Jaz007: I preferred the cartoons I grew up with. The newer movies, they were pretty to look at, but the plot wasn't really there, and Shia LeBoeuf annoys me for some reason.

@PugKing: I do like pugs, yes. As long as they're not nippy :3

@GustavoSF: no big, plenty of us have made that mistake with macros before. the fact itself was pretty cool, that's why I transcribed it for you :3

future of NL >:3
[16:43] James: I should learn these site rules more clearly
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Why should I care? >:3

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How do you choose when to answer these questions? Do you just wait until a certain number of days have passed or do you wait until a certain number of questions have piled up or just when you're up for it? I just wanna know if there's a schedule so I know when to tune in I like reading some of your answers it's like a show or something like that.

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What are the most viewed and most replied on topics in Nintendolife?

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What is the story of your rise to power?

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Do you feel that stickies are (overall) cutting down the "hi im new lets be 3ds friends" threads?

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are you gluten free?

the_shpydar wrote:
As @ogo79 said, the SNS-RZ-USA is a prime giveaway that it's not a legit retail cart.
And yes, he is (usually) always right, and he is (almost) the sexiest gamer out there (not counting me) ;)


Favorite fast food place?

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Can you PLEASE sticky the AC: NL FC Thread so people will stop making duplicate threads like that?

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Has ever been a time that you had to put your personal feelings aside to up hold your pledge to keep Nintendo Life a friendly place?

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Why is everyone here so against petitions and why did you lock my thread of a conspiracy theory?


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What is the story of the first time you ate bacon?

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