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TBD, If ever(Eh... Check that, I'm sure everyone has had horrid service on atleast one occasion.), what was the worst dining experience you've ever had?

I used to travel the stars, then I discovered Earth, and these incredibly addicting things called 'Video Games.'
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Are there still things that surprise you as a mod? Or is it more of a "same Sony, different day" affair nowadays?


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GuardianKing wrote:

What's your favorite animal?

duh, it's the dragon >: D


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Who is your favorite user outside of yourself?
Have there been any games within the past month that have released that you enjoyed?

Best thread ever
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1.) Have you ever plaid a metal slug game before? If so which is your favorite?
2.) How did Nintendo Life begin?

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Why does starfox hate me? It broke two of my wii's. D:

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have you forgotten about this thread? will it resort to the forum having to constantly remind you to do these in order for you to answer our questions?


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Did you see me as somewhat irritating when I was newer and creating similar threads to existing ones or a newbie learning the ropes?

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all righty, time for another text-based answer session, it's been nearly a month since the last one lol:


Generally, if someone posts a helpful answer or redirection at the end of a thread and i'm busy doing something else and it's how i would've locked the thread anyway, i'll go ahead and lock it as-is without bothering to comment. If a thread has served its purpose and the final comment from another user is funny, i may go ahead and lock it then too. that's what happened there, lol. :3


I honestly don't know how so many people get us mixed up with Nintendo proper. It's not like we're using the official Nintendo logo all over the place (as is the case with the official Nintendo site, lol), and we do have a disclaimer at the bottom of every page stating we're not affiliated with them. It's all right, though; we've got no problem pointing people in the right direction when need be :3

Also, when Toadstool says to press B to select a world, she's probably talking about how you can select the world you want to start on at the title screen in SMB after you've beaten it once iirc.


Sorry, I guess I don't do well on camera. I'm never really comfortable with it; i'm much more eloquent via text. Thank you for making my decision to go text-only that much easier, i guess.


No, I don't really use YouTube all that much unless I'm looking for a specific video or something. I'm afraid I haven't seen your channel at all, but please don't take offense — I don't even think I've visited NL's YouTube channel either. :3

Yes, I do like tuna fish.

Would I look to see if something was behind me even if I was told not to do so? I have before, i don't see why i wouldn't do so again in the future, whether on accident or intentionally. :3


Which current-gen game has ruined the franchise for me in terms of writing and characterization? Probably Kid Icarus: Uprising. I'd rather have nothing at all, just a bare-bones FPS game with borked controls than have to deal with all that mindless fourth-wall-breaking chatter from the main characters all the time again.

If Sega decides to let the Sonic Fanbase take charge of the series' plot? I forsee quite a few palette-swapped Sonics and Tails-es in the next game, if that game ever hits shelves at all. The devs would be better off quitting and letting Sonic fade into obscurity rather than justifying that dreck by putting it into a game D:

Am I excited about Ace Attorney 5 knowing the plot was not written by Shu Takumi? I'm kinda up and down about it, though I'll admit most of that has been my feelings toward Capcom themselves. I honestly had no idea Takumi-san was not involved with AA5 until you mentioned it. I did look it up, and supposedly he's busy working on PLvsAA and that's why he's not involved with AA5, though — if he had left Capcom entirely or had expressed disapproval for the continuation of the AA series, I would probably be more worried. I'm not a fan of how Investigations panned out at all (as you well know, lol), but i'm hoping Yamazaki-san has gotten alllllll the cameos and funky logic system variants out of his system by now (between Investigations and Gyakuten Kenji 2) and is ready to move forward with the series as a whole.


The worst dining experience I've ever had was Chili's... they had these black sesame boneless wings for an appetizer that we tried, and they were so awful that I actually got sick after eating them (that was my first ever bout of vertigo). Never again will I eat there.


Are there still things that surprise me? Yes, however fortunately (or unfortunately as the case may be, lol). Heaven forbid I get to relax or anything D:


Assuming you're talking IRL creatures, I love goldfish. They're probably my favorite animals overall. :3
As for my favorite game made by non-Japanese publishers... geez, that really narrows the field, doesn't it? Off the top of my head, probably the Bit.Trip series.



My favorite user besides myself? That tends to fluctuate from time to time, though Reala is generally a safe bet. :3
As for games released within the past month that I've enjoyed, I'm quite liking Bookstore Dream.


No, I've never played a Metal Slug game before, so far as I know.
As for the Nintendo Life long-story-short, Ant started the original NL back in '06 iirc. He, Daz, and Damo wound up merging VC-Reviews and WiiWare World under the same NL banner later on. :3


NSMB2 is okay. I still need to go back and finish it up, but the Coin Rush thing keeps distracting me from the main game, lol. :3
Will I ever write an article on the main site? Probably not. I have done reviews before for NL, but when I picked up my second job I had to step down from that because I just didn't have the time anymore.


I'm not sure why Star Fox 64 would hate you — it's a downloadable anyway, lol. usually it's the dual-layer discs that break Wiis :3


No, I haven't forgotten about this thread. I'm going to try another approach toward it from now on, though — hopefully it'll make things easier on all of us :3


Is there going to be an episode this week, or this month? Not a video one, no.
Also, I'm on my couch, in my living room. :3


Top three video game genres for me are Platformer, Puzzle, and JRPG.


My favorite board game is probably Monopoly (though you need at least four people playing for it to be a really fun game, lol). My favorite card game is either Uno or Rook (good luck finding anyone who knows how to play the latter, though )


Naah, if it hadn't been you, it'd'a been someone else doing it, so don't feel bad. :3

anyway, I think what I'm going to do from now on is just answer questions as they come (or as I notice them, lol) in text form — doing videos is too time-absorbing for me, i'm not really camera-genic anyway, and I don't like having a whole bunch of questions hanging over my head all the time waiting for a set day for me to answer them. If that's disappointing for some of you, I understand, and I'm sorry, but I've got a bit too much on my plate right now and to be honest I'm surprised I kept it up for as long as I did, y'know? :3

future of NL >:3
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