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Theblackdragoon, why is this forum of people less?

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sorry guys, i tried it this week, but i'm just not up to another video today — i'm pretty tired. hopefully next week i'll be up to it, but for today, text-based answers will have to do, i'm afraid.


(a) my favorite game genres include RPGs (J, W, or Action)and platformers. My least favorite genres include SRPGs (ever fight one battle for an hour and then get wiped the eff out? that's me ) and MMOs (various reasons, the main one usually being that I don't own the characters I've created and they're at the mercy of the people to which I'm paying a monthly subscription). sorry i missed this question before, lol :3

(b) games and/or game series I think is overrated? lol, 'overrated' is a strange term; anyone could call pretty much any critically acclaimed game or series 'overrated' if they just don't like it. that said, one critically acclaimed game series i straight-up don't like would be the Sonic series. I can play the games, I can beat the games, I just don't like to do so because they invariably irritate or bore me. :3

(c) favorite Nintendo devs? Hal Laboratories (yaaaay Kirby~), Skip Ltd. (i'm assuming they count because Nintendo's published most of their games?), and Brownie Brown (Magical Starsign had a lovely story, and Fantasy Life is totes on my radar). I'd also love it if Squeenix were to ever team up with Nintendo for another Mario-based RPG in the future; SMRPG is still one of my favorite games, haha.


Have I ever played a Hamtaro game? no.

why do they call it 'taking a dump' instead of 'leaving' one? probably for the same reason we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway — no one knows.

what's 2+banana? sausage.

Do I love Magical Trevor, etc. — i have no idea what you're talking about, so no. :3


why do I ruin everything? Because I can. it's the only reason to do anything, really :3


between a husband and work how do i find time to mod this site? i tend to slack at work when I can in order to make as much 'screw around on the internet' time as possible, lol. i also don't get nearly enough sleep.

CommanderAudio, formerly PikminMonster:

what is the worst game I've ever played? LostMagic. god that game was horrible... that was back when my husband and I'd first gotten our Lites and we were bored and wandering around GameStop, looking for something to play together. it was also back before the day I discovered Metacritic and long before the Nintendo Life merger, so i wasn't reading any sites that potentially reviewed DS titles (not that NL ever reviewed LostMagic I don't think, lol). anyway, LostMagic looked decent and it offered two-player multicart interaction, so we went ahead and picked up two copies, one for me and one for him.
it had looked interesting enough, you draw spells on the touchscreen as 'runes' and use those to damage enemies and stuff, but it came down to me not remembering which rune did what and the control system was pretty horrible, so i kept dying during battles and it was just awful. i finally got so frustrated that i took the cart out of my DS and just flung it across the room i was so pissed off, lol. it missed landing in my fish tank by maybe an inch, and it laid over there on the carpet for a few weeks before i wound up trading it in against something else, lol. for all i know the story might've been great, but the game itself was awful.

(b) how excited am I for Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch? I'd be a lot more excited if it were coming out for a system i owned. since I don't have a PS3, I'm kinda SOL atm.

(c) do i like skrillex? i'm not familiar with their work off top of my head. generally when i want to listen to dubstep i'll either turn on Pandora or Spotify to 'Chase and Status' or 'Die Antwoord' (don't laugh at the latter; dude sucks at rapping but damned if that Pandora station doesn't pull up some great dubstep tracks lol).

(d) how do i feel about KINECTaku? it's not right to call it a flop; it serves its purpose whether the KINECT itself is doing well or not. i believe we've got a new editor over there now and he's working on injecting some new life into the place, and once M$ gets around to introducing their Next Big Thing, I'm sure we'll be all over it. :3

(e) what is my favorite cartoon series of all time? It's hard to pick just one, but if I could only watch one cartoon series for the rest of my life, I'd have to go with either Futurama or Metalocalypse.

(f) how many people have I banned? I honestly have no idea; our 'banned users' list only shows the latest 20 or so, and it doesn't paginate so i can't go back through and count or anything. I asked Ant for banned-users pagination a long time ago, but there are many other things that need doing before something like that, lol.

(g) do I own an actual banhammer? no. i did do that 'tee hee here's an actual hammer and i'll write the word "ban" on the side aren't i hilarious' thing once, and it was just... no.

(h) what tips would I give to anyone wishing to be an admin here? idk, being an admin isn't really about just having the pretty gold shield, it's about having the tools you need to do the job I need to do. The only reason I've got it now is because there are some things that the 'moderator' privs just don't cover — editing user profile information (to remove spam links or offensive material), for example. a gold shield isn't something they just throw at you when you've been around long enough or anything. if you eventually wind up a member of staff and they decide you need the admin toolset to do your job for whatever reason, you'll be made an admin.

(i)you don't tolerate amazing horse gags, but are badger badger gags ok? no, because badger badger gags remind me of the amazing horse song for one, and for two the 'badger badger' song is about as addictive and i wind up with the 'SNAAAAAKE, IT'S A SNAAAAAKE' part running through my head. damn addictive songs... i should ban you for getting this stuck in my head, thanks >:[


(a) you think KI:U would've been better if it'd taken itself more seriously, is there another game you feel the same about (e.g. if it were more dark and serious it would have been better than it is)? i... can't really think of any off the top of my head. idk, the drama/comedy thing is a very fine line to walk, and I think they sorta blew it. the only time it's worked for me was in The Frighteners, but idk if that's the movie itself or my love for Michael J. Fox talking there.

(b) this question relies on the assumption that my banhammer is for rent, and it is not. therefore, it's moot. :3

(c) i do like carrot cake, but i have to be in the mood (cream cheese frosting is not my favorite). red velvet cake is one of my favorites, though — i'll eat it anyplace, anytime, anywhere, haha :3


does this mean I'm not a cat? no, I'm not a cat. opposable thumbs, etc. :3


or a ninja, or a monkey — nope, i'm none of these things IRL, i'm afraid :3


what is my favorite LoZ game? it'd be somewhere between A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. I've got great memories growing up playing both games, tbh. :3

our Lord of Madness~

if i was to ever rule the world, what would be my first dictator- like move i would do? I think I'd have an army of scientists get to work on human experiments to give people stuff like two heads, six arms, four legs, etc. and so forth — something to spice up everyday life :3

that said, the knowledge that you want to be able to 'moon' everyone is somewhat disturbing. so thanks for that, i guess D:


(a) what is it that got me started playing video games? my parents had an Atari 5200 waaaaay back when i was really, really little. i remember playing stuff like Breakout, Pac-Man, and Galaga on it, and i loved the joysticks and all those numbers that never did anything, lol.

(b) the best TV show ever... probably somewhere between M*A*S*H, Frasier, Futurama, and Roseanne. probably Hell's Kitchen and Metalocalypse too... idk, it's hard to choose D:

(c) the first person I ever banned? I don't remember who it was, but i do remember i felt horrible about it because they'd had their account for longer than I had. they were still breaking the rules, though, and I had the full backing of everyone else when i did it, so what's done is done.

(d) some godawful Margaritaville-branded drinks, lol. I think i'll be drinking something else next time, they're pretty terrible :3

(e)the most amazing tattoo I've put on someone so far? i did a Donatello/Hello Kitty a couple weeks ago that was pretty awesome, lol


i'd... advise a bit more thought before getting something like that tattooed onto you, lol. if you do decide to get it done, though, pics plz :3


so what am I programming with Petit Computer — i'm working on translating that one program I found (i linked to it in-thread as a reference for building a text-based RPG) into SmileBASIC. it's in normal BASIC, so parts of it are the same and others are very different. with you guys' help and the progress I've made today, hopefully the rest will go more smoothly :3

also, i know very little Spanish, i'm afraid


(a) favorite Bruce Willis movie: probably The 5th Element or Die Hard

(b) as for your reporting, I give your tattletail five gold stars :3

(c)tea or coffee? I can go for months between cups of coffee or coffee-based drinks, if not longer, but tea is a daily beverage for me tbh. :3


favorite non-Nintendo game of all time? Suikoden II, hands-down.


now that Ninty's got James, how long 'til they come after me? lol, i've got nothing they want, so I'm safe, i think. is there any doubt that they'll enact their megalomaniacal plans now that they've got James? personally, i think they're the ones that should be worried about James' plans for them — NoE runs a very real risk of soon being mascotted by a blue hedgehog, haha >:3

as for why you can't sleep atm, it's probably because LJM is mooning you. or he'd like to be mooning us all, idk D:


who's the final boss of NL? normally i'd say Ant, but with TDKR having just come out and his Batman-powers at their peak, i do think Daz is currently the man to beat. Good luck wresting that golden throne from him, haha :3


(a) do I like hard games? not really. sometimes if i really like a game i'll go into it under Hard Mode or i'll come up with some kind of stupid challenge to make it getting through it more interesting, but games that are just constantly a beast to get through for like no reason at all aren't really for me :3

(b) not really a fan of the 'run-n-gun' stuff — Mega Man, my favorite in that series is Legends if that tells you anything, lol.

(c) i actually have seen neither The Avengers nor TDKR. sorry to disappoint!

(d) am I a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog? Nope!

(e) do I like waffles? Yes, but I have to be in the mood for them. usually when i'm hungry for breakfast foods, i'm wanting grits or biscuits of some sort :3

(f) is it true that you're an all-Nintendo gamer? Not really. if I had it my way I'd have the time and money available to have all of the current-gen consoles, but it kinda came down to 'what games do i really want to play', and Nintendo consistently seems to have more of them than the other guys, lol, so that's why i have Nintendo consoles. we've got at least one PS1 laying around someplace, i've got my PSP, and the only thing keeping me from having a Vita is the fact that there's nothing I want to play for it yet.


what's my favorite kind of juice? I've always been partial to grape juice, though apple and orange juice are each worthy competitors, and cranberry juice is awesome. i really dislike pomegranate juice, pineapple juice (unless mixed with rum), and i'm not a fan of prune juice either.

my favorite kind of music for a very long time has been different flavors of trance, though dubstep is pretty awesome too. i'll pretty much listen to anything, really, so long as i'm in the mood for it :3

as for what user i've banned the most, you've probably hit it on the nose, though there are a few others that keep thinking they can get past me for some reason. /eyeroll


(a) is it true that there's no such thing as 2? 01110100 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01100100 01100101 01110000 01100101 01101110 01100100 01110011 00100000 00111010 00110011

(b) what would I do for a Klondike bar? holy crap it's been forever since I've had one of those, haha. i could probably be persuaded to do a handstand for one if i wasn't in such a lazy mood :3


have I ever considered going multiplatform? of course, but like i said before, it came down to a combination of money, time, and which console(s) have the games coming out for them that i truly want to play, and Nintendo's won out lately. if the time and money variables ever change i'll absolutely be open to branching out, but not at this time

as for tattoo removal, provided you're being absolutely serious, i must say i've never heard of anyone using a cheese grater, but i have seen video of someone using a belt sander.
PROTIP: getting your wife or girlfriend's name tattooed on you will only lead to trouble — and possibly pain if you're drunk enough and your buddy's loaned you his belt sander D:


how does your return affect the universe... it affects the QotD thread quite a bit I'm sure, but idk about the universe, lol :3


can I say your username? sure i can, but idk if you can hear me through my monitor. :3


am I doing one today? not a video, no — i'm too tired for it and it just didn't come out well when i tried. i couldn't let all these questions go unanswered, though


ahh, that joke never gets old :3

... so that about wraps it up. again, i'm sorry for no video, and hopefully i'll be up for it next week.

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Yay for no videos!

Will we ever see your ugly face again?

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Mr_LztheBleh wrote:

Yay for no videos!

Will we ever see your ugly face again?


Do you hear that thumping noise off in the distance? I believe it's the Ban Hammer. lol

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minus the best game of course thats true. u_u

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1.) What game had the biggest emotional impact on you and why?

2.) Have you ever felt sad after completing a really good game?

3.) Given what little you know about me through my feedback in news articles, try to come up with a single word that would best describe me. You do not have to provide a serious answer.




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2 Questions.

Stupid question: If You were a giant that could wrestle with monsters/mega robots in a metropolitan city, Would You wrestle Godzilla, Voltron, Astro Guy or Optimus Prime? and would it take place in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, Moscow or Chicago?

Serious question: Do You ever rage-quit?

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Taking into account only games you've played, who do you consider to be the most relatable protagonist? The least relatable?

And to recycle a question from Ask James, are you a drinker? If so, what's your poison?

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I have 2 questions for you:

1. What is your gaming sin? Meaning, is there something you like, like to do, done, or didn't do in gaming that makes you guilty?

2. After playing with Petit Computer, do you want to learn any other programming languages?

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