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Well, here's a few random questions:
1)How fast is your Internet-connection? (MB/S)
2)Have you ever regretted locking a thread and can you unlock a thread once its locked?
3)Will you follow the London Olympic Games and if you will, what's your favourite event?
4)Why did you ban Tendoboy?

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I think I would rewrite that last question or you could end up banned for asking why someone got banned

Yeah I don’t know either.

Oh look! A Morphloggery.
Oh! eShop Gurus.

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1. What is your favourite Zelda item?
2. if someone forced you to sing karaoke which song would you pick?

always thought I'd change to Gyarados after I turned 20 but hey, this is more fitting I guess. (also somebody registered under the original Magikarp name and I can't get back to it anymore orz)

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I quite liked the first episode. Thank you, tbd.
So off the top of my head:
Since the humble beginnings of mankind’s existence on this remarkable planet every single individual acknowledges as Earth there has been this one mind-numbing question which is viewed as more essentially vital than any other. For countless centuries each and every eloquent human being has come up with his or her own appropriate answer to it and it is utterly impossible that any understanding of this singular sensational subject is akin to the profound persuasion of another living creature. Many battles have been skelped over the matter in myriads of years and it is arrantly precluded that for foreseeable periods of time they are ever going to cease. So my question to you, dear theblackdragon, is … do you like ice-cream?


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all right, it's Sunday afternoon and i'm about to get started, so any questions after this point will be answered next time (if there is a next time, haha). :3

future of NL >:3
[16:43] James: I should learn these site rules more clearly
[16:44] LztheBlehBird: James doesn't know the rules? For shame!!!
[16:44] Vintage: We have ...

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Will you answer my question?

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That's what you said last time silly


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and now, round 2! enjoy my shoddy webcam, poor lighting, and half-drunken hem-hawwing, lol.

upon review, i seem to have been distracted a couple times and didn't fully answer a question or two. sorry, haha D:

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future of NL >:3
[16:43] James: I should learn these site rules more clearly
[16:44] LztheBlehBird: James doesn't know the rules? For shame!!!
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Very entertaintng. Thanks for that TBD.

I guess I'll ask some more...

1. What are some of your favorite and least favorite genres in video games? (since you missed this in ep2 lol)

2. What are some games and/or game series do you think are overrated?

3. Who are some of your favorite Nintendo developers? (first or second party, former studios also count)

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Why can't Metroid crawl?
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Someone was a bit rash and spiteful.



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that picture indicates that it is question time
Have you ever played a Hamtaro game?
Why do they call it taking a dump? Shouldn't it be leaving a dump?
What's 2+Banana?
Do you love Magical Trevor?
Do you think that the tricks that he do are ever so clever?
Will you look at him now, disappearing a cow?
Where is the cow?
Is it hidden for now?

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and i got a colorful aura, like i got neon guts

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komicturtle wrote:

Someone was a bit rash and spiteful.

I've seen people mistaking you for female in multiple places, komic, so i felt it bore saying :3

future of NL >:3
[16:43] James: I should learn these site rules more clearly
[16:44] LztheBlehBird: James doesn't know the rules? For shame!!!
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Well, I announced before you put up the video my last day as a L4DY was today (as 90 days were up). If you believe I changed my name because you revealed my identity (when most people knew already) then.. go ahead :3

I only played the part for entertainment. Guess it was a success in the short term.



At least we were able to believe there was a hot young girl on the site and now you've taken that away from us

Why do you ruin everything : |

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I don't think a hot young girl would want to hang around with hot messes and replicas of Titanic. Lots of people here are a wreck.

90 days were up. It was good while it lasted.



1. What is the worst game you've ever played?
2. How excited are you for Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch?
3.Do you like Skrillex?
4.How do you feel about the epic flop that was Kinectaku?
5.What is your favourite cartoon series of all time?
6. How many people have you banned?
7. Do you own an actual banhammer?
8. What tips would you give for anyone wishing to be an administrator on the website?
9 You don't tolerate Amazing Horse gags. Is it okay if we make Badger Badger Badger gags instead?

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So far, I got three questions for you:
1. So you don't like me asking long winded questions that loop half way and take up a chunk of your cam's battery I take it? It worked for James... You preferred Kid Icarus Uprising's theme to be more serious and epic as opposed to being cheesy and laid back, right? Do you have another cheesy game in mind that would have the experience benefitted by being dark and epic? Why?

2. If I were to rent your hammer for the day at a fixed rate but returned it late, how much are you charging for interest if I decided to give it back ten months overdue? What action would you take if I did not opt to pay the interest?

3. Do you like Karrot cakes? Wanna try? If not, then please share to us your dream cake then...

Edited since my question was already answered.

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