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Should I have your FC please? I won't ask you anything you can't tell, though it'll be tempting

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Welcome to my emassary of doom >: }



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James, what have you brought upon yourself?
in reference to the number of questions, not that you're leaving

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Ergonomically speaking, how would you rank the various Nintendo controllers (best to worst)? And how about the Sega ones?

Finally, let's say a life of editing a video game website has finally driven you to kill. What would your last meal be before your execution?

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Congrats again on the new job James! :)

Could you make predictions on the future of NL? I say predictions because i'm wanting a serious and a comical answer.




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Do you ever get a bad case of road rage? If so, will you take it out on the Autobahn?

Do you consider yourself more of a boob-man or a butt-man, man? really don't have to answer that...

Yes or no?

When/if you have children, will you make them call you Daddy Newts?

It's been nice reading your stuff over the years. Good luck. Auf wiedersehen.

-As a token, use this when the time is right, "Ich muss die Toilette."

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So this will end my four day question marathon. Just a few more questions and you’ll be free. Just a few more.

  • Are you sure you want to leave on a Friday 13th? Don’t you think it’d be safer if you’d just stay here?
  • Wanna talk about the job interview? What did they ask you, how did you feel? Was NSAF there?
  • Will you change all your usernames to Big N now? James NoEton?
  • Does Ninty know ‘bout the one and only SonyLife? :o
  • Are you man enough to meet Dark James?
  • Don’t you think now’s the time to finally reveal your secret second identity? Untitled
  • And finally: Is S-Club 7’s “Reach for the Stars” the perfect goodbye song ? No? Which one should it be then?

Aaaand … you’ve made it. Awesome!
Really James, thanks for everything you’ve done here, for all the hard work you put into this site, for hanging ‘round with us and maybe most importantly for just being who you are. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you and Mrs N will find all you ever wish for. See ya. :)

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Number 2? Says who? >=o]

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Congratulations on your new job James and I wish you and your wife all the best for the future.
I'm going to miss all your hilarious articles.

Now that that's out of the way, here is my important question to you:
So James, now that you're with Nintendo... when can I expect to see Sakura Samurai on the eShop?
The waiting hurts...

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1.Wie kompetent sind Sie in der deutschen Sprache?
2. What has been the highlight of your time at Nlife?
3. Admit it. Are you regretting Kinectaku?
4. WHO ARE WE GONNA ASK NOW? (I nominate Thomas)
5.what time have mario go to egypt
6. Why is this forum of people less? (I couldn't resist!)
7. What's the most bizarre email you've ever recieved?
8.can you please tell the owners of nintendo to make a open world ggame like cop the recruit but call of justice or call of destiny (See number 6)
9. What are you most looking foward to in your job and in Germany?
10.What's the best RPG you've ever played?
11. Have you ever watched Cheers? If so, how good is it?

Goodbye James......We'll miss you.......:'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Maybe someone already asked this James but... Where you headhunted by Nintendo or did you chase down the job? Congrats see ya on the interwebs.

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Do you believe time travel is/could be possible and if it is/were to happen when would you like to visit the most, past or future?

And again, we will miss you, James! Have fun!




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Well Done on getting the job at NOE. I just wanted to say thanks for everything and hope that you enjoy your new job, but it wouldn't be right to not ask a question so here is the only question I could think of. How do you think would 7 year old self would react to finding out that you would one day work for Nintendo.

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@ThomasBW84, @Mason and @Corbs are trapped in a burning building. You can only carry one of them under each arm.

Who must perish?

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Thanks all for your questions, this is going to be a long episode! Will unlock and post later when it's done.

Thanks all.

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There were a lot of questions, so this week's Ask James comes in two parts. The first one is about an hour long, the last one is about 30 minutes. I tried to give in-depth answers to as many as I could!

Ask James — Episode 13 — Part 1

Ask James — Episode 13 — Part 2

Thanks for the memories, guys!

I am not ignoring you. I just do not post much.

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