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What has been your best memory from Nintendo Life and Nintendo Life chat?

In a way exhausting
we're problem solving
Drink 'til she's attractive
Talking 'bout diplomatic
I brought my plastic
Making that peace attractive
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@James - What's the last really good film you saw in the movie theater?

Also, gonna really miss ya 'round these parts. D:




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Okay, first things first. My vacation related questions from Sunday.

  • Where are you going to for vacation?
  • Are you packing last minute or starting days before you leave?
  • Have to struggle to close your suitcase after packing for the vacation?
  • Ever went on vacation without a wristwatch?
  • If there was no law, what would you do to holiday reps?
  • The battle for sunbeds: most gruesome war ever?
  • Can you get drunk enough to do Karaoke?
  • You did get the superhypermegaturboüberultimate-all-inclusive, right?

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Can I have my old job back? :P


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Hey @James , How Are You Today ?
What is The Most Thing Your Gonna Miss in Nintendo Life ?
What Advice Would You Like To Give Damien McFerran ?
Are you Excited About Your New Job ?
Whats Your Favorite Thing About Nintendo Life ?
Whats Your Favorite Candy ? :)
Were Gonna Miss You James :( GooD Luck There & Have Fun :D :*

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Which do you prefer, 2D or 3D fighters and why?
Oh and good luck with your new job!
Oh and my 3DS FC: 2921 9204 4163. I've had you added for a while now but you didn't have me.

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No questions - just want, once more and finally, to wish you all the very very best for the future.
Luv from Mowzle

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What's your favorite PC game?

I plan on making tons of video games on Pedit Computer when it comes out. Do you have any tips or ideas?

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James, congrats man. Thanks for doing this videos, they were fun to watch. Best of luck at your new job, but hopefully you don't forget about us and will visit every once in a while. NL wouldn't be the same without your late night drunken threads. Good Luck Man!!! :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :*
Also, when are Unchained Blades coming out?!?!?! >:0


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Sniffle. James is leaving Nintendolife. Congrats on the new job though, James. I'm so proud of you! Anyways my question is:
With your new found position can you promise you'll do what you can to improve Nintendo's online ways and advertisement of games? Whether that be through endless suggestions or moving through the ranks.
Seriously gonna miss you, James. The site will feel so different without ya. Good luck and thanks for everything. :)

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James, I don't know if you'll be able to answer this in your last video, but I really want to hear your spoiler-filled take on The Dark Knight Rises once it comes out, please! So maybe if you can't do it in the video, you could write it down for me sometime?

Also, from everyone here at Nintendo Life, we'll miss you. :)

P.S. Remember this?

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Are you still going to be a user on NintendoLife like all of us?

If this hasn't already been asked this week, how did you get your job at Nintendo of Europe? Please go into details. Also can you tell us what you will be doing at NoE in details please?

Can you show me where to find a few super emerald stages after Mushroom Hill Zone Act 2, like you said you would try if you had the time? Please, its the last Ask James!

Do you play any Musical instruments?

Do you plan on learning German in Germany? Maybe you can write the farming simulator 2012 review if you do?

Do you think you will post reviews on games like Animal Crossing, Sonic, Harvest Moon, etc. every once and a while after you leave NintendoLife?

Will you have to quit your other job at GameStation?

If it isn't to personal, how does your wife feel about moving to Germany? How does the rest your family feel about YOU moving to Germany?

I do personally recommend 3D Classics Kirbys Adventure to answer your question from last week.

Also is this the end of SEGA Fusion, or are you going to launch that in the future by yourself?

Since you said you will be helping to make Super Smash Bros. 4 better, how many sega characters would you include? How many would be from the Sonic franchise?

Will you accept VERY occasional questions over swapnote? Simple ones, like answer yes or no, I think this because of insert short answer etc.

BTW There is another Echidna posting this week, @Knux is on the next page, don't confuse us! :P

Good Bye James! You are my favorite NL Staff Member!

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Could we have a farewell podcast? :(




374. Posted:

Is your new job just the first of many stepping stones in your path to world domination? If so how long do you think it'll take? And will we ever get those ponies?

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I was thinking about reviving the Nintendo Life Liberation Front but now it seems like a pointless cause D:


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@James, I would just like to say, thanks for everything you've done. You're by far the best editor for any website I've ever been on. That's not a stretch. The fact that you have this Ask James thread and actually communicate and care about the users on this site is amazing to me. Nintendolife wouldn't have been so welcoming if it weren't for things like this. Thank you. I hope you do wonders working at Nintendo, and congratulations! We'll miss you! I hope you can still manage to stop by every once and a while and visit us. :)

Also, I think I may have become more interested in Sega games because of your influence. Is that a little strange? Maybe. But seeing how someone can be both a Nintendo fan and a Sega fan really made me want to give Sega games another go. Thanks for that!

Best of luck James, yours truly,


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So much congratulations, James. So excellent for you! Or, as the Great Bandana'd One would say "Incredible, absolutely incredible."
You will surely be missed around these parts, i hope you'll be able to poke your head in every now and again.
NoE's body is surely not ready for The Newtonian Lord! :D

Hmm, a question ... i suppose i'll stick with a serious one: With your career taking this new step, what are you most looking forward to about stepping on board the Big N Euroship?

Good luck with all mate, and again, CONGRATULATION! A WINNER IS YOU! :D

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Congratulations! I got a question. What's the first thing that you are going to do when you arrive at the NOE Headquarters (or wherever you're going to work at)?
Oh, and will you work on the online functions of Animal Crossing 3DS?

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First off, once again, congratulations! It's really cool that you get to work at Nintendo, so good luck and best of wishes! I haven't really been here long, but I can easily tell that you're a cool guy and you will surely be missed. But as for my question, (if you're allowed to answer?) what things does NoE plan for you to do once you start working there? And any other plans for when you've settled in Germany? Thanks a lot for everything you've done here at NL, and I hope you have fun in this new 'adventure". Take care, James! :)

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