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Have you ever met a NintendoLife user at your job? (as in they recognized you and you talked a bit with them)

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while playing ANY video game?

What was the most disappointing moment in any video game?

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Hey James thanks for answering my questions last episode, here's more!
Have you played or beaten Zelda II The Adventure of Link and how do you feel about the game?
Do you like the Mega Man series and if so, what ones have you beaten?

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@James I noticed you playing Mario Tennis Open, how is it?


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Well helllllo Mr Newton - Can you tell us what humans might look like in 10,000 years please (presuming we've not destroyed the planet/ourselves by then)

What's this bit for again?


Oh dear James, could you describe your ideal game if you can?

For example, I like games with interesting stories, styilized atmosphere (less realistic, more artistic), not-too-hard, and exploration. Others may like the joy of winning and constant pusles of adrenaline like Call of Duty. It can be described in any way.

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Ok James I got a few questions for you: What are two (serious) things you would ask Rosa Parks?
Martin Luther King Jr.?
What would you ask a person who marched on washington?
MalcomX(again 2 serious things)?
And what two things would you ask a white supremacist in the South about their actions?
(No I didn't just give you my social studies homework, why would you think that? )


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That was another great video. You're Sonic drawing was awesome James! Did you practice it? Because it was really well done. Laughed at the cut away to the Sonic drawing.

What genre of video games do you dislike the most?
Did you really run out of hats to wear already? D:
Could you put aside some time of the video to play Through modern Ciry Escape in Generations (whole level) while singing along to the awesome song, even if you don't know the lyrics? Please please please? It'll be hilariously awesome!


@Retro_on_theGo I've been drawing Sonic for about 15 years, so yeah, little bit of practice
Also I know every word to City Escape so that is a definite yes.

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James wrote:

Also I know every word to City Escape so that is a definite yes.

What true Sonic fan doesn't know every word to City Escape?

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In the next episode, will you be fighting your Evil twin brother Dark James!?!?!

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Ohh James you scoundrel. you want me to fail don't you ;_____;

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If you could live in a game for one hour, what game would it be?

Have you ever played a game, and you felt like you were a part of it?

Have you ever felt a surge of victory after defeating a final boss?

Also, have you heard of the game called Spiral Knights? The MMO made by Sega and Three Rings.

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Thanks again James.
How do you feel about the current DualShock controller design? Do you think Sony should alter it, or keep it the same for PS4?

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@James I read that you drew a picture of Sonic [can't watch due to 3DS Browser ] and wanted to say thanks!

Question: Are you satisfied with the amount of Fan Mail you recieve as a multi-gaming site editor?

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@James We'll have to play Mario Tennis Open sometime after it comes out here on Thursday.
Pretty sure it should work between Australia and Europe, right?

Also, do you know anything about if/when Sakura Samurai is going to be released in the PAL regions?
It's been quite a while since it came out in North America, and I've never heard a single thing about it for us.
I was looking forward to playing that one, so it'll be a shame if it never even makes it here. D:


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