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What are the two mysterious games you are playing this weekend that you in reality aren't going to tell us for a few weeks?? (I thought I'd try anyway)

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Blue_Ace wrote:

Hi James. Thank you for answering my question. I'd like to exchange 3DS Friend Codes with you. I already have yours & mine is 4124-5176-2015.

Question: Do you think Nintendo will add a back-facing camera to the Wii U controller? Or will that just make it too expensive?

You missed my question in the previous video...

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Do you think the Wii U will have an eShop capable of downloading GameCube games?
Will you download any full retail games in the 3DS and/or Wii U's eShop?
Do you think the 3DS can be used as a Wii U remote, and if so, do you think developers will make special content for those who use their 3DS as a remote, such as 3D content, etc.

Oh, and I have a suggestion, you should put a video game song or jingle with your video, just like you did this week.

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Episode's just as good as ever. Nice, nice.
Okay, questions.

  • Are you disgusted that the word "Sony" sounds a lot like "Sonic"?
  • What's your favourite and least favourite Game & Watch game? (For each Classic and Remake if possible.)
  • Doesn't every elaborate Englishman own a tophat?

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What's your least favorite Sega game?

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@James Can you please clean those black marks off your wall?
They kept making me want to clean my laptop screen throughout the last video. D:


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Hey James, recently watched episode 3 and wondered if you could show us how to draw this very iconic hedgehog that is Sonic? I understand if you can't due to time restraints, like taking 10 minutes to draw the pic

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James are you into reading at all and if so what is your favourite book/series and/or author.
Also what is your favourite brand of bottled water? And do you believe that water tastes like nothing or that water tastes like water and that everyone who hates on water has an unjustified hatred for it (since water is awesome.)

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Have you ever made an E3 Bingo Card?
Incase you don't know this is what it is, you take a paper, and put 25 squares on it, similar to a bingo card. You put predictions and hopes of what will be announced at E3 (For example, an announcement of a Wii price drop, an announcement of F-Zero Wii u) Once announced, you cover the square, if 5 covered squares line up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally you win E3 Bingo. If you win, you must yell bingo wherever you are.

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Do you think there will be a new Castlevania game on the Wii U/3DS and what's your favourite Castlevania game?

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Hi, James! :3
Thanks for answering my question about your collection. c:
Can you add me to your friend's list? n_n
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Okay James, your on death row for some unknown heinous crime, along with your final meal you are told you have 1 hour to play any video game you like, so what's it to be and why? (You may as well tell us what meal you would choose as well while I'm asking)

What's this bit for again?


How many friends do you have on your 3DS?

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Injustice Gods Among Us, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razors Edge, Assassin's Creed III, Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 Wii U Edition and Trine 2: Directors Cut
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What is your favourite email you ever received on nintendolife?



Hi James. Do you have any idea why Europe hasn't received Netflix for 3DS? It's available on Wii so I don't see why it's not available on my 3DS. Thanks!

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james: have you heard anything about the new harvest moon game, ie when it's coming to the west? thanks much.

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Have you had a chance to play Sonic 4 episode 2 and if so what are your thoughts on it?



who'd win in a fight Dr.Robotnik or King Koopa?


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