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O.K, two questions:
#1: Regarding video games, what would you consider your guilty pleasure?

#2: Boxers, briefs or (the best option) commando?

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What are your E3 hopes and predictions?



If Sega made a My Little Pony game would it change how you view them in the future?



Hey James, what's with that mic stand? Do you sing?

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What is greatest moment of victory in a game, in which you stood up, shouted, jumped, and cried tears of joy? (the list of things in this question are meant to help you remember that time, but are not needed. they are preferred however)

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I'm considering starting a small Master System collection and while i have a few titles in mind (i'd love to grab the Master System version of King's Quest, but it's rare and pricey), what games would you reccomend? I'm thinking more along the lines of exclusive or semi-exclusive titles, unless the Master System version of a title is particularly special or exceptional.

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I saw the number 64 recently which reminded me of the N64. Have you ever played on the N64 and if you have, what's your favorite game for it?
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And thanks again for answering my questions!

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Do you have any stories of rage when it comes to video games? What I mean is broken controllers, consoles, game carts etc? If so can you tell one or two of the worst ones?



Hi James. Thank you for answering my question. I'd like to exchange 3DS Friend Codes with you. I already have yours & mine is 4124-5176-2015.

Question: Do you think Nintendo will add a back-facing camera to the Wii U controller? Or will that just make it too expensive?

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What are your thoughts on Nintendo's refusal to give Metroid any recognition last year on its Japanese 25th, and do you think Nintendo will amend its policies for the US 25th?

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Thanks for the info and link, James. Cheers!

For the record, i'm waffling between a SMS version 1 (which is the one i had back in the day ... i strangely have no memory of what happened to it, which means i probably sold it back in high school for beer money ) or the Genesis/MegaDrive add-on adapter, so i'd be looking for carts or cards.

Question time: I noticed your postive reaction to King's Quest — are you a fan of the classic Sierra games (KQ, Police Quest, etc), and if so, which games or series? And as a semi-related question, are you a fan of classic "text adventure" games at all?

And finally, i added you on 3DS; my FC is 2578-3211-9319 if you want to add me back!

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Hi James, Thanks for your answers , you rock!!

OK so here is the big question for next week - Who is the best Lord? Lord of the Rings , Lord of the Flies or Lord of the dance?

What's this bit for again?


Hi James . What do you think of Sonic 4 Episode II? Are you getting it? If so, what platform are you getting it on?

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Hi James,
will you speak my name out aloud?
No wait, i've got a serious question. I promise.
If you had to compare the retail game library of the 3DS with those of the DS and the Wii, what would you say? (First year or all of 'em so far, doesn't matter to me.)

PS: The waiting doesn't hurt so much anymore.

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Do you feel that modern games will hold up as well as the early generations?
Like how retro games are still very popular. Will current games be glorified in twenty years as much as 8Bit era games are now?

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@James Apparently I already had the right code so you must have deleted me or something. D:
Anyway, I deleted you and added you again, so could you add me back please?


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