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looking forward to PSP2?



Am I excited about the release of the PSP 2? Is a bird in the hand worth two in the bush?! lol

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Who flung poo? lol

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The Pooth Fairy did and made a direct hit on your forehead.

Is this a joke?

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There could be many reasons. One is glucose level. No matter how much you eat or drink, if your blood sugars drop too low, you'll feel hungry and shaky.
Another reason is your stomach. Your stomach gets used to being a certain size, and being filled with a certain amount at certain times. If you go without eating for too long and let your stomach shrink, it sends your brain signals telling you to eat. This is also why you can curb this particular hunger impulse by drinking large amounts of water.

And because our ancestors were opportunistic eaters (they gorged when they could get food, because they didn't know how long they'd have to go without), we can actually become hungry because of outside stimuli. Smelling delicious food cooking, or watching a commercial for your favorite resteraunt, for example.
The last explanation isn't really about hunger for food, but for emotional relief. When some people get stressed or lonely or angry or sad, they will have an almost irresistable urge to eat. This is because the act of eating triggers pleasure centers in the brain. It's an instant high. It makes sense if you think about it, often the first sensation of pleasure a newborn gets is from nursing.

Wait, was that a legitimate answer?

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yes but it got an illegitimate response

will 3DS be a bigger flop than virtualboy?

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It'll be a bigger flop than two virtualboys.
@Reala That picture has been saved.

If I were to stick my thumb up a walrus's nose, would it buy me chocolates?

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No,just boogers.

Why did Sonic get so fat in the ol'days?

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NintyFan wrote:

Because he ate too many hotdogs.

Why did Wario have such a creepy voice in the old days?

Sonic loves chilidogs,not hotdogs.

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NintyFan wrote:

Because he ate too many hotdogs.

Why did Wario have such a creepy voice in the old days?

Because he's Wario.

...Why are we?

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we aren't

will you boycott 3DS?




will the 3DS be even better then perfect?

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it might yet prove to be

mud wrestling a legit sport or a barbaric outrage?



How do you post on the forums?

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Why is it Phantasy Star and not Fantasy Star?

They've gone and spelt it wrong.



Sylverstone wrote:

How do I make 11 days go by quickly?

Turn the calendar to a new month.

What's your 2nd least anticipated game for 3DS?

What is the meaning of life? That's so easy, the answer is TETRIS.


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